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  1. What about now?
  2. Good work smellan. Best of luck and kind wishes for tomorrow. Will you have time to put JZ back in before wangats?!
  3. Don't want to buy another transit by chance? There is a mint '77? here for sale, $9000. All original, still has V4 and is set up as a camper with pop top. Pretty cool van it is. Have a couple of pics of it.
  4. Almost 2 years to the day since an update which is not much of an update jeah. Had disc brakes put on the front a wee while ago, and had fixed that shit box ground smashing steering that eats tyres and is dumb. I flipped and swapped front spindles in it. But it makes the spindle below the rim which aint ideal. So will just leave it sittung like this in the shed for a year or two. And put some more paving stones in the boot to drop that some more. I purchased accuair air ride gear while in the states too, so might throw that at it one day. Kind Regards
  5. Good work young man, was your 4 link not to bad to do? Best of luck with the cert, still 3 weeks to be chop?
  6. Good work good work keep it up sunshine.
  7. Oh Hi, saw that Mk2 Wagon in Bay View, Napier today. Cool carry on.
  8. I like the cup holders.
  9. Yeah thats the plan spenno/hopefully it works out. Kinda the one thing that keeps me going, thought of something older and bigger and lower and uneconomicaller
  10. It will be quite a sad day when the wag leaves, but then you remember the Telstar Wagon that you want to replace it with, and it kinda makes it worth it. Will be taking this to nats, then after that giving it a bit of a going over. Was going to take the roof back to orange, but if anyone is actually keen on this, and wants the lace roof that's no trouble. And Richie, might have to steal yourself and your camera at nats sometime for a quickie if you know what I mean.
  11. Good things take time. Hi. Thought I better quickly write some dribble up about this old girl, still going strong she is. Not this new years but last took it down to the other country that is the south island for a skid. Did 1000 miles costing a few $$ in petrol but thats the fun of it huh huh. Then wag nats of '13, my roof rack did a b-owt on the roof leaving a few good marks So I did some floral doodling on the roof Popped my steels back on it, 2 have white walls as they just to live on the 5i of mine The roof came out alright, paint was coming out quite thick but for the fact I did it it wasnt too bad. Other than that its the same old, put a new gearbox mount in before wagnats. Oh and this puppy will be for sale in a few months, tough call, had it for 8 years. Cool Bye.
  12. Cant wait for you to bring this to Hboes, and maybe, just maybe Sparkle will come to one for once you we can do the christining of the falcon/hand over of $$$
  13. Flip I know who built that wag, tried to get him to come to wag nats/shame.
  14. Bro. That's so cool. More more more cool that you actually did what was requested at the band meeting. Although it lacks bench seat but pretty sure you are forgiven.
  15. Fuck some dudes. Oh nice car. Shame you didnt get a photo of the fire. Big G was probably skulling back a beer when it was happening and like, "yeah no worries maaaate"