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  1. Are van and pickup leaves likely to be the same? Logic suggests that they might be. I'd be more inclined to add one leaf each side to improve load carrying performance than to remove one.
  2. As long as she didn't have the Torrey Canyon and the Amoco Cadiz travelling in company.
  3. Sounds like you are at least making some progress now.
  4. I say you should stick with the flat deck for maximum usefulness. Also someone was thinking pretty hard when they made that fuel filler extension. It's brilliant. Should be a standard feature.
  5. We did spit roast pig for parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Took four of us to supervise the cooking.
  6. That's just an excuse to drink beer all day while watching it cook.
  7. That should be just a formality with a fresh cert surely?
  8. So want to go to this. I'll need a break by then / need a break now. Must organize myself better this year. Who else is going from Deep South ways?
  9. Thought those things were extinct.
  10. Thought those studded ice tyres were illegal in New Zealand?
  11. Always loved the Mk3. Probably cos grandfather had a Zodiac. First car of his that I can remember.
  12. Be ok if it's a manual. Just use the gears.
  13. It's amazing where 2wd can go if you don't mind taking a few chances and / or banging it around a bit. Ground clearance is the biggest thing imo.
  14. Gotta do it this year. Must start saving now. Who else is keen from this end of the island?
  15. Should be less than mine, although I expect your ferry fare will more than take care of the difference.