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  1. Isn't fagnats on there at New Year's?
  2. Relating to Danger Dane's sore back perhaps as mentioned in spam?
  3. I'd recommend going lpg dedicated as @8ball suggests. The 214 powered TK Bedford I had was dual fuel but I ran it on lpg almost all the time for the price advantage. Think I only tried it on petrol twice in the three years I had it and it ran like shit anyway.
  4. But totally fine for what they were designed to be. Morris Minor replacement, round town tradie van.
  5. This thing reminds me of the Mk2 Escort van my ex had in the early '90s. Same colour and similar style but a lot less fucked.
  6. Back in the day that was my least favourite Viva but, like many things I didn't like much when they were new, the styling has grown on me to the point where I'd have one now in the right circumstances. Alex, you need this to go with the other Vauxhalls. Might be a bit of a fun project for Hannah.
  7. Keen. Mentioned to my wife the other day that I was intending to go and that's when she said she wanted to go with me. She'll either enjoy it or never want anything to do with OS ever again.
  8. My wife has expressed an interest in attending Hanmeet.
  9. A man could be forgiven for thinking you like a drop of whisky @Fliboi. The car is looking good too.
  10. They tow pretty well too. Mate's one pulled my Falcon and a trailer full of firewood out of a wet place I really ought not to have driven into fairly easily.
  11. Just discovered this. Found it interesting cos my real farmer mate has a diesel one the same colour. His is well rust fucked and hasn't had a wof or reg since about 2005 but it always starts and runs sweet. I've driven it a few times and found it pretty good. I pleases me to see that there is at least one tidy one still around.
  12. You're most likely right there. Never even thought about running anti-freeze in an iron block iron head motor when I lived up north. As far as I know most of my mates didn't bother either.
  13. Are van and pickup leaves likely to be the same? Logic suggests that they might be. I'd be more inclined to add one leaf each side to improve load carrying performance than to remove one.
  14. As long as she didn't have the Torrey Canyon and the Amoco Cadiz travelling in company.
  15. Sounds like you are at least making some progress now.