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  1. So want to go to this. I'll need a break by then / need a break now. Must organize myself better this year. Who else is going from Deep South ways?
  2. Thought those things were extinct.
  3. Thought those studded ice tyres were illegal in New Zealand?
  4. Always loved the Mk3. Probably cos grandfather had a Zodiac. First car of his that I can remember.
  5. Be ok if it's a manual. Just use the gears.
  6. It's amazing where 2wd can go if you don't mind taking a few chances and / or banging it around a bit. Ground clearance is the biggest thing imo.
  7. Gotta do it this year. Must start saving now. Who else is keen from this end of the island?
  8. Should be less than mine, although I expect your ferry fare will more than take care of the difference.
  9. Washers don't have to work automatically with wipers. That is a newschool thing.
  10. The old Triumph six can still sound like a boganmobile when it's howling.
  11. You've definitely got a keeper there mate.
  12. My Civic. Could you get away with that? Dodgy as all hell here.
  13. Showed my daughter that Suby and she said she'd seen worse in Tonga.
  14. How rust fucked does a car have to get to be ordered off the road by the cops in Canada? Does it vary between provinces or is it a federal thing?
  15. Roof rack.