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  1. Washers don't have to work automatically with wipers. That is a newschool thing.
  2. The old Triumph six can still sound like a boganmobile when it's howling.
  3. You've definitely got a keeper there mate.
  4. My Civic. Could you get away with that? Dodgy as all hell here.
  5. Showed my daughter that Suby and she said she'd seen worse in Tonga.
  6. How rust fucked does a car have to get to be ordered off the road by the cops in Canada? Does it vary between provinces or is it a federal thing?
  7. Roof rack.
  8. Not sure I'd like to rev a 4.1 to 7000. Must sound like it's going to explode. How's that grouted block thing work wrt cooling?
  9. Was a V8 LTD ute getting around Whangarei back in the early '90s. Interior was out of a Fairmont Ghia I think. The builder and the next owner both belonged to the same club as me. Wonder if it's the same one?
  10. VB mate, who the hell'd drink Fosters?
  11. I sent your quote to my son and he came back with the following that he said almost slipped out in the office the other day, If you're looking for sympathy you'll find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.
  12. Fal fucking coon mate. Good score.
  13. I'm sure many of us have bought similarly shagged cars with new wofs only to have a huge list of stuff to fix for the next one.
  14. Have a read of this for inspiration / a look at what someone else is doing. http://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/175837/building-fast-16v-allegro
  15. Might be the go in my full grandpa spec Wolseley though don't you think? Full on stealth mode.