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  1. Hahahaha the E30 made it up there with no problems and alot of sidewaysickness but this year it has much more power. If the gtr is legal by then I'll most likely take that for a 4x4. I'm not sure when I'll leave just yet but I do like getting there while it's still light so will probably leave earlier than 3pm. @Slacker_Sam. what time are you guys thinking of going down?
  2. Registered, Definitely keen for another blat up the molesworth.
  3. Good man! It's not a good weekend. It's a fucking great weekend! Join the convoy down too
  4. Thank you kind sir. I'm happy to put up more, actually I bet if I look through my camera there's probably unseen photos
  5. I'll definitely be there as I was a slack cunt and missed Nats
  6. Good spotting. Its a 1971 Ford Galaxie 500 so the very basic base model, I watched the series just for that car Haha
  7. Haha I just noted that 72 has had a high stop lamp fitted. I don't think that I'll ever need one as the complete rear if the car is a stop light
  8. And a 72. But thanks Trevor, it all helps with the motorvation! I did see the black 71 country squire at kaikoura hop but didn't find the owners, maybe next year.
  9. Look! Look! I actually did some stuff! I know, I'm just as surprised as you are. Degreased and painted the engine bay in the finest paint in all the land, I'm talking about Black zinc of course.
  10. Good times! While we were hauling ass from Murchison to Hanmer in the pouring rain I noticed something that I thought looked fucking cool. I assume it's down to the giant fan kicking up water but she generates a V shaped rooster tail from the centre which doubles in volume as it hits the water getting flicked up by the tyres. I did want to try get a photo of it but driving kinda got in the way of that. I did enjoy the hoon after cruising most of the day.
  11. Good work on the wof! Just in time for this Sundays meet huh? Hahaha
  12. Yes I'll never be as deep in that vagina as you have been.
  13. Gummies? I bet she could teach me things
  14. Bitch I'll marry your mum just to make you my stepson!