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  1. Good spotting. Its a 1971 Ford Galaxie 500 so the very basic base model, I watched the series just for that car Haha
  2. Haha I just noted that 72 has had a high stop lamp fitted. I don't think that I'll ever need one as the complete rear if the car is a stop light
  3. And a 72. But thanks Trevor, it all helps with the motorvation! I did see the black 71 country squire at kaikoura hop but didn't find the owners, maybe next year.
  4. Look! Look! I actually did some stuff! I know, I'm just as surprised as you are. Degreased and painted the engine bay in the finest paint in all the land, I'm talking about Black zinc of course.
  5. Good times! While we were hauling ass from Murchison to Hanmer in the pouring rain I noticed something that I thought looked fucking cool. I assume it's down to the giant fan kicking up water but she generates a V shaped rooster tail from the centre which doubles in volume as it hits the water getting flicked up by the tyres. I did want to try get a photo of it but driving kinda got in the way of that. I did enjoy the hoon after cruising most of the day.
  6. Good work on the wof! Just in time for this Sundays meet huh? Hahaha
  7. Yes I'll never be as deep in that vagina as you have been.
  8. Gummies? I bet she could teach me things
  9. Bitch I'll marry your mum just to make you my stepson!
  10. Awesome! Roof shout?? I have been impressed by the amount of pull finger you have done this week. Makes me feel stink for doing fuck all to my bus.... over the past year.
  11. This sounds awesome! You better order some more explosive cannonballs. Oh and the bus will need strengthening to support the turret.
  12. How to tell that Dylan has been welding. Anyone that welds daily will feel my pain.
  13. I think it's a good looking bus. Other than the charging issue it gave me it's pretty sound mechanically. I can confirm a few things on it. First and second gear are very well matched to get that thing up to 50k. I laughed when a Tiida decided to take the outside lane at the lights, along with about 4 other cars but then got out launched by some shitty bus. Tests have proven that it will do skids on gravel. Tests have also proven that it can and will go off the clock (indicated 125 kph). This is on flat ground too! Tests have also proven that if you drive for hours at night you need a survival suit to keep warm. But I'm sure some insulation and lining will block up a lot of the draughty holes.
  14. Thanks! Oh I know eventually it will be back but I have tried my best to get it bathed it rust converter
  15. Thought I had pretty prove that progress is actually getting made here. The following photos are the before and after of the last patch repaired on the body. Which was around the boot lip, quite cunty areas to repair and most corners being made from multiple steel patches. Being hidden I was a bit on the rough side here but it will be functional and not rusty and leaky. Welded Who am I kidding? I'll end up cleaning that up more.