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  1. I had one and now I don't, thats all I will say
  2. NO FOR GODS SAKE NO I don't mean to offend but a 2001 Ford Mondau is the most shit car money can buy, it was cheep because its shit, they are crap motors, it will be rooted, they chug oil. Get a price on a thermostat, you will find its worth more than the whole car and that is no joke.
  3. Have you done anymore on this project?, I have been enjoying the progress. contrary to popular belief the Oldsmobile 350 diesel is a fine engine.
  4. John still has those motors, he is on the shore now, you might be able to get them alot cheeper? A cople of my triumphs had bearing problems, one did a hell clatter till it got some oil pressure, the other just had a regular heavy knocking from one rod bearing, it was driven all over NZ like that for years
  5. I saw an XE ute with a LTD front on it a wile back
  6. I don't have any OHV ford v8 stuff but I know people who do, There is a pair of open chamber heads knocking round tho, I will ask, they have 6 cylinder stuff to,
  7. So a complete motor minus carb, distributor, alternator, manifolds, with serviceable parts for $500 or under?
  8. I thought Clevelands were the cheaper motor, I bought a really good one with a hot cam and eddlebrrok manifold for $1000 and scored x2 for a friend for $450 each, one is 100% complete out of a running car, the other is full of water. I scored another one from a burnt car with a c4 for $200 they were all 302s, I could of had a whole rusty XD with 351C for $500 but I couldn't be bothered having it in my driveway, there are 1000s of them out there,
  9. A friend of mine has spent over 20 grand on patterns for Norton dominator barrels, then it costs 1000 to cast each one and 1500 for mechaning,
  10. This is amazing, you have such good pattern making skills, do you think you could do a 99a flathead v8 block? I can supply you with old blocks and possabley 3d drawings of everything.
  11. The lines on the carb are probably not cracks, are just casting marks, most carbs have them, most fine alloy or shit metal die castings have them.
  12. And a FMX trans is cast iron and has a different yoke, I put a 302 + C4 into a XF ute once.
  13. The only major difference between the 302 and 351 Cleveland is the crank + rods and pistons I am told, the crank you want to find is embossed with 4m, 4ma, or 4mab, 302 heads are good as they give more compression.
  14. I got told to tell that engine reconditioner its for your daily driver if you ever take anything to him or it can take a wile, he is a nice guy and knows his stuff tho, he measured up my new flathead and okayed the block.
  15. Did you fit a high volume oil pump wile it was apart? I got one for my Cleveland and had to fit restricts to the rocker feed or they fill up with oil under the covers.