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Datsunrides Hijet

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For discussion towards getting this beast of a machine on the road. I could especially use any information or links to information anyone knows of. I’m pretty resourceful in interchanging stuff but having at least original specifications helps a lot in most cases.

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On 06/05/2022 at 00:56, azzurro said:

Love this. 

More pics

and datsuns too pls thx

Just posted to other projects

On 19/05/2022 at 14:56, h4nd said:

I do like how you're listing the part numbers etc for folks / google to find. Good stuff!


Also, there's an active group here, with a guy who sources sells S38 parts, get yourself an invite :)


Trying to do my part. I’m just lucky (am I really?) I’ve been working on cars since I was 15 (now over 50) and have seen a lot of different vehicles that may have parts that will either interchange or can be easily modded to work with a little research. It’s kind of fun searching but nothing wrong with instant gratification LOL. I’ve been working on putting together a wiring diagram for this as I untangle all the hacked wiring (I understand parts aren’t available but when you use universal parts you can still wire them in a professional manner). Sure would be nice to be able to source one. I’m going to check that group out!

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Actually found a factory S38 manual today. Not exact as mine is a S37 but better than nothing. Need some help figuring out the oil injection system and hopefully the S38 manual will help there. There were no lines running from the pump and what I think are the injection points are capped off. I pulled the pump off the get a closer look and some PO cut the drive end off. Looks like I need to find a oil pump. If anyone knows the hose routing or if I can use a different/more easily obtainable pump I’m all ears.











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