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Tortron's 1985 DR200 *they call me mello yello*


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This bike kicks back way more than every other dr200 engine i have, im assuming its cos theres a pool of oil leaked into the cylinder, normally its a lazy kick and away they go.

Its got some nice bars and a battery tender on it, wonder if its got a milled head too


1999 DF200.

TIL that DF200s are actually different from DR200 farm bikes. They are a road frame converted to farm bike spec. pillion pegs, different rear rack mounting, provision for only 1 kick stand and anodized black alloy rims


I can see why the deleted the rear peg loop, if you drop the bike it bends them, it breaks the frame, and the pegs then cut the swingam..... noting too bad for a farm/bush bike tho

being a bush bike means its really a river bike tho

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