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2020 Hiace Van rear seat removal issue


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Hi Guys,


So just an update on a solution for our rear sear removal.

After testing and looking at the wiring.  The rear seat harness that my unhelpful Toyota parts guy couldn't find is actually a part of the middle seat belt buckle. 

This middle seat belt buckle  harness also plugs into the left and right seat belt buckle wiring.


So for order for us to drive out vans without the rear seats installed. we must have all 3 buckles plugged into the rear seat connector. (the 3 seat pressure sensors not needed.)

For those who only need the rear seat a few times a year this is perfect. simply remove the rear seat. flip it upside down. remove all 3 buckles. its just 2 x 14mm bolts and a few harness retainers.

10min work if you only have half an idea of what you are doing.  connect them all together throw them zip up lunch cooler bag, have the main seat plug hanging out.  plug it in to the van side of the seat harness.

and bobs your uncle.


I will need to remove and install the seat more frequently. so I'm going to price new buckles so i don't need to remove the buckles every time.








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1 minute ago, TheHen said:

Hi Brentcv was the wiring diagram helpful at all? 

Sorry just read your reply, so there are defiantly no airbags in the seats. I know they advertise the crew van as having 2 extra and the only identification I could find was on actual seat?

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Hi Thehen,   

The diagram wasn't helpful unfortunately.

I Have the Australian model.  there are defiantly no airbags in my rear seats. or pretensioners in the buckles. 

The 2 extra airbags are the second row seat curtain airbags.


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Brentcv Thats probably to expensive for what I get, I will eventually try an auto electrician when I need to convert that area to a kitchen for camping.

Have you had any experience doing program changes to system that currently require a dealer to modify?


1. auto folding mirrors on locking (units are available on ebay but I think this may be a programmable option)

You can Fold mirrors before exiting vehicle but then you cant check if a car is coming prior to opening door

2.pairing new FOBs or Keys (I couldn't do it using instructions on YouTube for similar Toyota's)

when i bought car new they do not supply additional master key (only Valet key which is no good for duplicating)

Dealer wants over $400 for a spare

3. wind up and down all windows using FOB . it is turned off by default but appears to be programmable by dealer. it is a very handy feature i have had on previous car. you just press and hold lock/unlock keys

I would love to know how to program the vehicle my self with software & PC







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Experience same problem with rear seats. Brent I read your solution to disconnect all 3 buckles and plug into rear seat connector. Good ideea and thank for sharing.


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On 25/04/2021 at 16:36, Maninder said:

Hi guys i have same problem if any solution plz let me know too i did tool my van to toyota and they said they have nothing to fix this problem 


On 26/04/2021 at 08:44, Willdat? said:


Ahhh yeah, unfortunately not, my folks ended out just using the seat as a part of the bed structure, they're pretty happy with it. To be honest it's probably just a switch that tells the van if there is a load in the back seat.

Hi Maninder. I am thinking of buying one of these to use as a camper part time but retain the seats. Would be very interested at seeing how your folks incorporated into the bed structure. Would it be possible to post any photos?



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