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Dead Rego


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Hi all I have a Mk 1 GT Cortina I bought years ago and the rego was dead then. I still have the ownership papers and the body tags but no number plates. The ownership papers are not in my name as I bought it for parts with no intention of getting it on the road again. Will I be able to reregister it with a new VIN number and new plates or is it a dead duck

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I bought my Gloria sort've similar. 

No plates, however the car was previously registered in NZ. The old plate was etched into the glass or I had a old rego tag (or both I cant remember now) anyway, you need to go to either Police, or the Justice of the peace - basically someone with high enough respectable standing stating you haven't stolen it and believe you're trustworthy. 

Mine had to sight the car - and noted down the chassis or vin number?

From there it was a very simple Recompliance (read, fancy wof) - Total cost approx $560 from memory?

It sounds alot more daunting than it actually is. Provided the car is up to wof standard thats the hardest part..

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