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Anglia4's Bucket Bike

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I'm terrible at taking photos of the fun I'm having with this bike.

But I finally remembered to turn my gopro on, so have had my first ever go at editing a video.

The quality came out a bit shit. I suspect I need to buy the full version of the software I used.

@MopedNZ is about to get some messages asking for tips :thumbleft:

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In the first couple of races in that video my bike was running a bit shit. It had 3 different issues going on, the ali-express air filter was choking up the carb, the carb to head manifold hose clamp had stripped out and was leaking air, and the fuel tank vent was crimped over...

I sorted all those out and threw the air filter in the bin, and the bike was 100% more rideable. I could carry a higher gear in all the tight turns which meant I could brake later and harder. I had a great afternoon.

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That was a bit of a fuck up...

This was a few weeks ago now. Entirely my fault. The bike behind hit me square in the back which hurt. Nothing serious though, and the bike is fine.

Aiming to attack the first round of the North Island series in Taumaranui next month.

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