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Late to the party but here's the Leadfoot thread

That time of year again so save the dates, book your sick leave, and book accommodation early as it always sells out!

Leadfoot Festival

8th and 9th February 2020

280 Link Road, Hahei 3591, somewhere just outside of Whitianga but really just in the middle of nowhere

Same details as every other year. 1 mile hillclimb event which brings in some of the best drivers from over the world, a few sponsors with some cars, and thousands of people. And also the carpark gets pretty full so bring your OS car for reserved parking (let's face it, this reserved parking area is probably the main attraction).


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3 hours ago, Flauski said:

Awesome, can't wait to see ya old man's car ripping up the hill. 

Got through scrutineering no worries, car is running better than ever. Just drove up the hill for the welcome party, feck the hairpins are steep! drop by the pits and say hi if you have time, i'm sure he'll be up for a yarn or 5.

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22 hours ago, Bluebird_U said:

Didn't know at the time, but had a good talk and mechanical discussions about the car and the other projects/ parts with him. :thumbright:

He was in his element, everytime I called back into the pits after a run he was chatting Datsuns!

Amazing event, I still can't get over how well run it was, from the moment we drove in the gate to packdown, it really is something special.

I forget the times dad posted, was nothing startling and irrelevant, this was his first outing in 8 years due to rebuilding the car and he was happy to enjoy the hill without risking too much.

I really hope we can make it back again!



Token shot of UCM, was good to catch up with these guys, and see how far they have brought that project, compared to what we were doing with it in my years, it is so far ahead in all regards to what we could ever have imagined.



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The next couple of years should be a bit bigger - just with the extra time off (Friday/ Monday) giving a good long weekend. Always seems to be fine and this year they moved the food around a bit to make it easier to get to - although more icecream stalls needed. Think his times were 67.23, 71. 00, 78.91, 80.35 (1972 Datsun 1600). Nice photos.

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Yeah thats the one, the final time of 80s was when the timing gear had a fit after the subie crossed the line sideways, they apologised and offered the 5-6 cars another run, no one too worried about the times, just keen for another hoon!

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