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Engine block/head cleaning chch


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Used to be under Blenheim rd bridge, also used to get the 20 pinger skims.

I doubt he'll be able to do a block though.

Mace is near Shands road now isn't it? Used them to clean stuff a fair bit.


Edit: I remember Flemming hates cleaning things but he is a good stick so you may convince him.

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Went in today for a chat, didn't sound to keen when I asked if he could clean the engine but when I added i'd degrease it and just wanted to get it sparkly to prep for rebuild he was sweet.

Real good bugger, happy to have work done by him.


Pulled the head for a look and all is okish, just something blocking it from moving pistons more than 2-3mm... Fingers crossed the good luck continues....


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6 minutes ago, yetchh said:

Surely that's just your timing chain locking up at the crank.. 

If only... 

Have tried a few things but the chain is so far not the main culprit.

Seems to be stuck at TDC #1, something jamming, not a hard stop and I haven't the guts to really lean on it until I look closer, felt like a stuck valve but thats now been ruled out.

Due to the age, i'm happy to strip it right down before it goes near the test stand, kinda fun too!

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