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Honda C50 to lifan 110cc wiring

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Evening all. I bought one of those chong lifan engine kits to re power my C50. Its a 110cc auto clutch job. 

Im well stuck with the wiring though. The motor package came with a loom that looks like its a complete loom off a chinese scooter. Im wondering is there any way I can graft it into the existing C50 loom?

The new motor has 6 wires:

Red w/black stripe

Blue w/white stripe




Turquoise w/red stripe - neutral light?

The bike has white, yellow, black & turquoise/red.

I have the cdi module & coil but the wires in the loom supplied dont match up to the wires on the new engine.  So im scratching my head. Any help from guys who have done this kind of swap before?

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Edit I should have looked closer at your pics, the 125 loom I've got here is different again.


Edit 2:

The red/black in the loom goes to the engines black/red.

Plain green from engine just earths to the frame.

Black/white is kill, earth it to turn the engine off.

Yellow/black is the coil +

The Green/pink with the otherwise empty 6 pin is the neutral light.



I'd strip it down so you're left with a basic CDI loom and the 4 wire regulator/rectifier loom.

Easy enough to tap into the factory lighting and charge circuits.

On my CF50 I had to swap a couple wires around on my ignition switch to get it to kill the engine.

Add a ballast resistor from a 12v scooter to protect the bulbs from over voltage (I've likely got 1 spare if needed)

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Time has come for me to wire my scoot. I have no wiring whatsoever so starting from scratch but the bonus is I'm running bare bones electrical

Anyone got a go-to wiring diagram to help make my job easy? The full list of everything electrical I'll be running.

  • Ignition Switch
  • Trail-tech
  • CDI and Coil 
  • Headlight (low beam only)
  • Park-light 
  • Tail-light
  • Brake-light Switch
  • Brake-light
  • Speedo-Light (not necessary if too hard)

All lights are LED bulbs and I want to set it up so they turn on whenever the engine is running (ie: no light switch). There is no battery, horn, or indicators.

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