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Fibreglass, Carbon Fibre, Paper Mache - The composites chat thread


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Yeah what dave said. 

Its actually easier than it sounds. 

The most critical thing is to wax the Hull and flange material quite a few times prior to putting any epoxy near it. Fucking that up will ruin your Hull pretty quick. Use a mold release wax, rub it on, let it dry, buff it off and repeat until you cbf repeating it any longer. 

Also, get some digital  kitchen scales to help with measuring out the resin accurately. 

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This is a good video for looking at what you are trying to make for the boat hull. 

The lip on the edge is what brick is talking about producing with the core flute. 

And yes he has 8 coats of wax. Glass factory I once worked in used 6 minimum. 

Will see if I vand find another to help with the building of the mold he has. 

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On 09/08/2021 at 14:18, chasinthemirage said:

I recently bought this vacuum formed hull off trademe. It's quite a nice wee hull but is fairly flimsy as it's only plastic. I want to make a copy of it in fibreglass so it's a bit tougher. How would you guys recommend I go about making a mould? I've been reading up on it but keen to hear some real world advice as there's an overwhelming number of options.




It's part of a vintage kit so I don't want to destroy the original hull in the process. It would also be a bonus if more than one hull could be made but it's not essential. I've removed the motor mount, rudder post etc and will patch the holes up. 

At this stage I'm thinking the way to go will be to clean up the inside of the hull, apply some sort of release agent and then fill it with plaster of paris/liquid latex etc to form a plug. Then fibreglass over this plug to make a hull. 

Does this seem plausible to you guys? And if so, what would you recommend I use to form the plug? Thinking I'll just use a fibreglass kit from Bunnings for starters as it seems a pretty cheap/easy way to purchase everything I need to start out.


A couple of videos above for you to look at. 

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