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Greenies 88 GN


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So I thought i better get this a wof so gave the bike a once over and found something a little sketchy, turns out I've been missing an engine mount so thought that might have been important to the wof guy. Opted out of paying $40 for kit and just made it. Cut template, made two of them out of scrap steel, painted it black got some bolts and job was done. Only other thing I found for was that the number plate light stopped working so have to sort that and will hopefully book wof some time this week. 







(Yes my tank is still red underneath, couldnt be bothered going that hard when painting it.) 

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Was able to get some time in the shed last week so got those extra layers of glass down on the pan. There's about 6 layers on with a mix of 200g and 300g matting so should be plenty strong enough. 

Got out there today and cut it into to shape I wanted. 

Ruff cut it first. 


Final cut and sanded edges. Chose to have it roll over top only slightly so should hug the frame nicely even when the vinyl is on but leave most of the frame exposed . Also chose to go up the tank abit so itll have a nice transition into the seat. 



And lastly I found I was able to reuse the original Suzuki seat tongue (I dont know what it's really called)  to locate the front under the tank, slips in nicely. 


Next job will be to add a tab at the back to lock it down and also two other tabs on the sides to attach the indicators. Then I can paint the frame and get on the hunt for some comfy foam to use 

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38 minutes ago, Greenie said:

Thinking of going shopping for some seat foam this week, would anyone be able to recommend places to check out? and also what to look for, looking for comfort and ease of shaping? Cheers. 

Get in touch with Kass at KP Upholstery if you want. Let him know I put you onto him. He's out Greerton and has done all my seats. Might have some nicer proper spec foam for you to get for cheappppp? 0273108620 - Worth a call anyway. 

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A week or two ago I got my indicator mounts and seat stay done (just three tabs with holes in them)  I cant weld but they should at least stay put.. need to lengthen the wires and get them reconnected later 


Also got some time in the shed yesterday and was able to smash out shaping the seat 

I had gotten some foam off a mate who's work had an upholstery department no longer in use. I also used many layers of old yoga matt to build up the dip in the middle of the seat. 


Ruff cut it after the glue had dried and shaped it with the grinder and a flappy disk yesterday. 


Pretty stoked I can move on to making a cover now,  need to get the misses to teach me how to sew.  

(Same mate also gave me a large roll of black vinyl intended for outdoor furniture so should last as a bike seat no problem) 


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I like the green as well I dont regret choosing it. I found the colour at supercheap,  I can't remember the brand but the were just mini rattle cans of what's meant to be touch up paint for cars, they had some pretty sick colour and shades.

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Been trying to chip away at this thing while on lockdown, started by finishing off the frame by welding in some gussets and tried to make it look original. Took the usual steps to get there.








Once that was done I need to cover my seat. Took a couple of attempts to get something that worked, I'm still not sure how I feel about it as the vinyl I had is thick af and wasn't very malleable so there a creases where I don't want them. I think I did it with the right stuff and having had the practice now I think I could do a better job, but this still do until shops open again. 


Put the bike back together and aside from repainting the tank and side covers I think it's done for now. We will see how wof goes after lockdown. 



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Just now, kseries.rookie said:

Putting on seat covers is a pig of a job! I have a new found respect for upholster-ers!
That hoop job looks tidy man, nice work

100%!! Have a massive respect for upholster- ers.  My first two attempts were horrid so I'm happy with this one now it's worked, I'm still tempted to get a professional to redo it as I think itll make the overall look more clean cut and not so janky but itll definitely do for now. 

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