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Chris' 79 Hz tonner

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Had a family lunch so we had a play with the plasma cutter and made some exhaust hanger mounts 



I borrowed a charger and fired up the laptop which talked to the stinger which is nice. 

I raided a k20 a zebra for the cam sensors which I plan to use for the crank trigger. Scoped out the sensor on the daily so I know what's going on 



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so I made a note of the jets etc

Primary main fuel jet is 140

secondary main fuel jet is 210

primary air corrector jet 170

Secondary air corrector jet is 180

Didn't pull the emulsion tubes out as cbf

I'm assuming bigger number = More fuel / air?

I'll wack the points dizzy back in as I don't fully trust the aliexpress and second hand dizzy to do its thing properly. That way I'll only be working with one variable/unknown rather than two.



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Ordered some jets off aliexpress, and a fuel pump for when I rage quit because I don't understand carbs and rip into the injection. 

Replaced the engine mounts today 



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