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Kicker's RD400

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Long time, nothing done.

Starting to get back into it, have ordered some more parts, tacho cable etc


I plan on renewing the charging system with cheap and easy to obtain parts. A three phase bridge rectifier for a windmill and a regulator from an old Ford.

Will post more on that when they arrive.


I was hoping to be able to run a TZR 4-pot caliper but I don't think they'll clear the spokes (they would probably fit with the alloy wheels but I'm not gonna be using them). So I'm resurrecting the stock caliper, had trouble getting the pistons out, compressed air failed so swapped the banjo for a bolt and put the grease gun on the bleed nipple, took a bit of effort but finally got those suckers free. The pistons were pretty clean so will chuck some more seals in and wang it back together.





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Did a couple common mods that are tried and tested.

The first, combined with a needle and needle jet change, helps smooth out the midrange when running expansion chambers.



It requires the blocked air jet (6 o'clock position) to be opened up and sized correctly, generally with a 2mm jet.

There is a brass ball that needs to be removed, one spun out easy when drilling, the other needed a screw to dig it out.

Once removed you can either drill through to the needle jet cavity with a 2mm bit or drill and tap it for a 4mm thread and buy a 2mm jet to fit.

I just ran a 2mm bit through, nice and easy.



The next item was to replace the steel reeds with a better performing option.

The reeds from a YZ125 are a recommended upgrade and require a minor trim to fit.







All done


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I have sectioned the tail unit so I can mock it up, the lines are looking good so far.
I'm trying to keep things looking factory-ish, as in stock parts (albeit from different manufacturers) from around that era and avoiding things like led's and other new 'custom' parts.
It takes a while trawling through eBay and online parts catalogs but I have found a few bits that should fit nicely such as a tail light from a Honda XL185 which will fit in the narrowed tail unit, an ignition switch from a Yamaha RS125 which will look tidy on a bracket under the tank, finding a genuine old Yamaha unit was important so I could have legit Yamaha keys for it haha.

I sold the universal rearsets as I never really liked them and bought a set off a TZR250 and a kickstart lever off a RD350LC to help clear the new pegs.
I'll be using the original clocks but will probably just run one at a time, so either the tacho or speedo depending on how close it is to wof time I guess.



Even though I'm going to be fabricating the seat pan I wanted it to fit like a factory item so I have sourced a cable operated seat latch and striker which will also make it nice and easy to remove since a lot of things will probably be jammed under the seat.



I'm sussing out getting some parts vapour blasted so will hopefully have some shiny things to take pictures of soon.

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I took my sectioned tail unit to be plastic welded back up, big props to All Bumper Repairs in Kilbirnie, had it ready the next day and did a fantastic job.





I have my sidecovers, lower fork legs and top clamp ready for blasting, need to strip my wheels so I can add the hubs to the pile.



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Just had a nosey through the wiring diagram



All the stuff in red is going to be removed, which is mainly the indicator auto cancel (they stay on for too long so I always cancel them manually and it gets rid of a box that I'd have to hide somewhere) and the oil tank level warning circuit (premix so is pointless). There is a resistor on the feed to the coils which will also be removed for the new ignition system.

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Not an update, more of a roll over and fart in this long hibernation of a project.
There is some movement though, whilst selling some unneeded parts I met a chap of the highest 2-stroke foam and he has offered to rebuild my crank as he has a couple to do already, so I checked my stash of bearings and seals to make sure everything was good to go but found the new old stock big end bearings I had sourced had minor corrosion on some of the needle rollers. Best to buy something new then, the Suzuki RGV250/RM125 big end bearings fit and are highly recommended, they run a couple more needles in them and are of the silvered variety.


This arrived ages ago but I forgot to mention it


It's part of the stuff I have gathered to swap from a 530 chain to 520, cos lighter, cheaper chains.
The front just needs an RZ350 sprocket (JTF569) but the rear had no equivalent on any production bike.
The RD has an annoying cush drive mount where it relies on a channel cut into the sprocket to hold the sprocket studs so you can do up the nuts, thankfully a place called Sprocket Specialists does a custom one to suit a 520 chain, it took about 8 weeks to arrive but it's not like I'm in a hurry. 



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Well done, you're doing such a good job of this, very tasteful build. Can't wait to see more as it develops over time.

Keep up the good work!

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Freshly rebuilt crank with all new bearings and labyrinth seal. The guy said it balanced up really well. I guess I should do something with it :) I might wait till I have my new workbench so I have a clean space to work in.



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