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Japawagons 1972 RT84 Toyota Corona

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Just got back from wellington last night with this beast last night.

Pretty stoked about the overall condition, and she made it all the way back with only a few small glitches.


Pretty damn tidy with only a few things that need looking at.

-Clear coat on the roof is peeling in two places.

-Doesn't want to start warm

-Carpet needs replacing, but isn't too bad.

-Get my boss to give it a cert.

-Straighten rear bumper and rechrome.


I'm just wanting to keep it original, would i've been nice if it still had the original engine but the 18r does make it quite nice to drive, got plenty of power when you need it.

Hopefully it'll keep me motivated to keep me on track with the 26.

Will add more up to date pics asap.

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Does anybody know whether the 18r ignition system had a ballast resistor in the circuit?

There doesn't look to be one and i'm wondering whether that's the cause of the warm starting problem.

It has spark but looks really weak when testing it.

Stinks of unburnt fuel when you've cranked it for awhile, so i'm pretty sure it's not a fueling issue.

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Got it running after replacing half the ignition system, replacing the starter motor and repairing the throttle linkage.

I have no idea how the fucking thing made it back from Wellington. The throttle linkage broke in 2 places when trying to start it the next day, the starter motor blew up and the coil was fried.

She's running fucking mint now though

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I have decided since I'm not having much luck in selling the beast to finally give her a birthday.

Don't really see much point running a build and discussion thread separately as it's not a big build or anything.

List of things to do.

-Replace carpet and under mat. Will probably dynamat her as well to try and quieten her down a bit.

-Get a new speedo cable made.

-Fix heater fan.

-Fix the wiring issues and rattles in the dash.

-Figure out why the stereo keeps cutting out every now and then.

-Replace sweet factory single dash speaker, as it's getting a bit sad.

-Fix Odometer and Tripmeter.

-Reset the rear leaves.

-Find new gearbox cross member to chassis mounts.

-Fit an electric fan to the radiator.

-Tidy up paint and small rust spots coming through.

Things that I've completed.

-Replaced all 4 shocks. Shit did that make a difference, she rides like a dream now.

-Modified the gearbox cross member and mount so it actually fits properly.

Things I Need (If you can help please let me know)

-A tidy rear bumper.

-A 6R Engine Complete or in Parts.

-Mint replacement fender mirrors.

Will chuck some photos up soon.

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If your car was a 1920something Dodge then yeah, but downgrade = lame

Especially when 18r was still a factory option in them cars.

Just stick a 6R sticker on it and pretend nothing ever happened

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Right now trying to sus out the odometer and tripmeter.

Pretty sure all the little gears in the plates between the wheels are fucked as it keeps slipping.

Does anyone have any spare corona speedos lying around, tried pulling apart my ke speedos I have lying around, which are actually quite different.

I don't know if that has anything to do with being in KPH instead of MPH or just because it's a lower grade model.

Yowzers crown speedo is different again as well, makes finding parts a real pain in the ass.

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As you can see the dash is all out at the moment, what a mission.

Trying to find a replacement speaker which is not proving easy. 18 x 12cm.

Probably going to get the dash pad remade while the dash is all out.

Replacing all the little bulbs in the gauges and trying to sort the noise the fans making.

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There was a wrecker down Oamaru, Autoland Dismantlers, they had a couple of RT84's. Could be worth a look for parts, altough it was a couple of years ago that I was last there.

Seems like the 6R is one of the harder to find motors around, I didn't have much luck when i was looking for a spare, turned up plenty of 12R bits

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Oh mint, I'll look them up and give them a ring. Always handy to find bits.

Yeah there's a million 18Rs and found 20 and 22Rs as well.

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Bastard car doesn't like being threatened to be sold.

I was happily cruising along on my way to work this morning, approaching the round about in Te Awamutu, about 50km/h.

Put the foot down on the brake. Floor. Fuck. Holden. Fuck.

Yanked the handbrake, that didn't do jack shit. Swerved right and managed to avoid any collision and pumped that bitch until i got some pedal and stopped.

Anyway master cylinder is now bypassing and I've official decided single circuit master cylinders suck ass. As does my handbrake.

It's the 1st time in my life I've ever been glad there were road works, gave me enough room to save my ass.

Will now be upgrading my insurance from 3rd party, Fire and Theft to Full.

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Cool I just bought this car the other day, was looking on Google images and it popped up, none of the pics seem to be working for me on this page but the link came from Google. Cool.


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