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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Team. Been AWOL quite a long time. Had some serious hickups in life that slowed me down and forced me to let go of my last project. a mk3 Ford Cortina. And frankly, I went through a pretty nasty period of depression. But you can't keep a good guy down. And you won't stop a grease monkey eventually getting covered in grease. Around a month ago, My Daily Driver 2000 Ford Mondeo slipped a tooth on the timing belt on the exhaust cam, and did some bendy valve stuff. A friend had this sitting in his hay shed taking up space. And Rather than try and rebuild the Mondeo motor (Which had only done 30,000k since I did a rebuild on it anyway) I jumped at the chance to get into something RWD, with a carb, and a tray. Repainted sometime in its past, But rather neglected of late. I saw this as a chance to tinker with something oldish again. Fresh Battery and some fuel and she fired right up. She didn't sound right, but she did start. Got her home running like a bag full of assholes. Popped the bonnet to find green alien blood pretty much pissing out the Number 4 exhaust. (Sigh... Headgasket) So.... List of things on the to do list... Head Gasket (Or just pull the motor and rebuild the whole thing, It's done 300,000+ k) The steering wheel is toast. The Fuel Sender is bung (This is pretty common in these from what I've read) The tray needs that water trap bedliner scrapped and a spray on liner done. The offset on those rims is FAR too positive. Add more tie down points. Fix the Fuel door Stupid little interior blanks with holes drilled in them need sorting Screws missing in the interior. Giant speaker holes in the door cards. Apply power steering (If I can find the stuff to do it) Headunit with bluetooth. Other minor cosmetic things. Sort the suspension. Answer every question/problem in life with "Just chuck it on the back of the ute" Create discussion thread.
  2. Discussion Thread // Righto, this old girls been sitting in my workshop now for a month or so with out me doing any work on it like I should be. Too busy fixing other peoples So after going through the project cars threads has made me wanna do some more. Anyway she's a xc ute that was the previous owners daily driver for 15 years ( big block and all was fitting 12 years ago ) untill I bought it. He moved to aussie so I bought all his falcon stuff including the ute. All the hard work was done just the body was a bit sad. 460 bb ( thats 7.6 litres of grunt ) and c6 ridgeback, dedicated LPG, 460 torker intake, electronic ignition, twin pipes, lsd disc brake diff, 28mm front sway bar, heavy duty springs. Drives and handles excellent. Sits on dragway 14 x 7 with 245 BFGs. I drove it for a year ( had her nearly 2 years ) untill warrent of fitness and lpg tank expired and parked her up. Awesome tow car with loads of torque. I was going to do the big pull down but have just decided to just give her a tidy up and paint and get her on the road again coz the xd ute just dosent cut it for towing It will get fully restored at a later date. I bolted repaired front guards and taildoor on ages ago so they are done. Door shuts are painted so its just the left door, both rear guards and roof to panelbeat. Rust wise its not too bad, below is a pic of bottom right rear guard. Just painting it satin black. Will put up more pics as I progress. Cheers, Brendon
  3. Discussion Thread // So, here we go again....... I have just purchased a damn Datsun 620 Ute... not a bad little ute really. Has had the cab rebuilt and Painted, although its all a little rough. Also has 60mm blocks in the back already, and wound down torsion bars, nothing special. Also came with some groovy 15 inch wheels. Anyway, the plan, Bolt on my Pajero 18's, bleed up the brakes so they work, fully tune out the engine. and Fix up the tray so it all looks minty fresh. Then sell the whore, hopefully to my boss, as a work hack, good times Anyway, pictures as I bought it today Great Allan