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  1. Stanced25

    FarmedOut-Hick B1600

    Hey guys heres my 1973 mazda b1600 wellside.. loving it pretty rough but the outside is going to stay that way for the farm/hick style plans for it is to take the inside back to fully original and make it shibby as (mint) and for the bay keep the original engine but work it..e.g sidedrafts, cam, extractors and port&polish,. i don't wanna go with the rotary conversion as most people tend to do that. having trouble on finding info on these badass utes online so some help would be great from the oldschool crew
  2. Stanced25

    SX70 front shock leaking

    haha cheers guys will get onto them today!
  3. Stanced25

    SX70 front shock leaking

    hey was just wanting to know how to fix it or do i have to get a complete new shock? cheers