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Found 12 results

  1. Well the 808 made way to make way for this...... By a chance conversation at Chrome 2020 I found out about this car, 1973 Mazda RX3 Coupe. Complete car minus a motor, Cars been baremetalled, rust done and most of the prep for paint has been done which is awesome. Came with a heap of extra parts and upgrade parts including -S5 RX7 gearbox -B2000 LSD diff thats been narrowed, with RX8 Rear calipers/rotors -Front coilovers -Factory suspension and diff as well -Lots of new bushes, rack ends, lights, badges etc etc Cars been real well done this far in and perfect base to build how it want and do it once and do it properly. Tell me im crazy and iv got a big job ahead of me here haha
  2. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/45303-locost-bryans-1972-morris-marina-tc-coupe/?p=1395461
  3. Hi everyone, I recently acquired the car of my dreams and Greg (64Valiant) has told me to share it with you. I'm pretty new to forums but here we go: She's a 1972 Datsun 240z in off-white/cream. The previous owner had her since 1976. The Z was driving around 20 or so years ago, but has been parked up in a garage with a cover since around 1995. He passed away four years ago and the family decided to sell it through the Z Club to find an enthusiast to bring her back to glory. Luckily, I was the first serious buyer and the rest is history. NZ new car 85000 original miles I'm the third owner Interior is near mint (no cracks in the dash and factory radio still installed) Minimal rust (no such thing as a no-rust 240 haha) She runs but clutch won't engage, so is probably fused to the flywheel which should be interesting. The rego has lapsed and I'm trying to keep the black plates naturally, so anyone familiar with this process please shout out! Currently assessing what needs doing for Re-vin and looking at options after that. I will keep her mostly stock, only changing the suspension to something a bit stiffer and throwing on some 15 or 16" Minilites or Watanabes a bit later on in the piece. She's a real darling so I'm not going to deflower her with flares or an Airdam. I've probably forgotten something else important but I'm sure you'll all point it out. Looking forward to chatting and meeting everyone. Thanks for reading, -Reubin First fresh air for 20 odd years! Discussion Thread
  4. Discussion thread : //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/45304-locost-bryans-1972-morris-marina-tc-coupe/?p=1395483 Back in my "youth", I was an avid reader of UK magazine Cars and Car Conversions. One of their stories was to make a club rally car from the humble Morris Marina Coupe, as an antidote to the ubiquitous Ford Escort. They ran a series of articles documenting the build, using parts British Leyland's Special Tuning outfit had homologated for a class win on the 1971 RAC rally - 8-port Cooper S engine, LSD, turret kit, fibreglass body panels, minilite wheels, etc. I did briefly own a Marina Coupe, a basic Super model, not the sporty TC, which did a few car club outings (Canterbury Car Club 1600-200cc motokhana champ one year), but it never got the minilites wheels or any performance mods. Priorities changed, and it got replaced with a Falcon ute... Anyway, 30 years later and the obligatory "mid-life crisis" had me yearning for my lost youth, and a desire to own something that I lusted after in my younger years. Sadly, a Falcon Coupe or Charger E49 was too expensive for my budget... But a Marina Coupe was in the right price range, if only I could find one... Being a bit unloved, there aren't too many left. A bit of waiting and finally the start aligned... Here begins Ozzy's story... Firstly, why Ozzy? Well, nothing is ever simple when it comes to British Leyland. When the Marina was first conceived in 1968, the newly merged BL needed a Mk2 Cortina contender, and a reskinned and stretched Minor seemed the simple route. Er, not quite. Turns out the tooling was stuffed and spare space at the factory had been "borrowed" for other uses. Management had a sort through the BL parts bin, and found some useful Triumph parts to use - the diff and gearbox from the Herald. Initially choice for engine was the OHC Maxi, but the product planners decided the Maxi was going to use all the production (it never came close), so the venerable 1275 A-series and 1800 B-series got roped in. Ideal for a cheap as chips repmobile. So in 1971 the British public got the Marina, in a huge range of trim and body styles, and bought enough to keep it in the Top 5 sellers for most of the decade. At the same time, Leyland Australia were developing the P76 big saloon, and had the X6 Tasman & Kimberley, and the 1500 & Nomad variants of the Austin 1300. The fwd cars weren't selling well, and had high warranty claims, but a simple rwd car seemed just the ticket to increase market share and profits. But they couldn't just import the Marina from England, due to import tariffs, so they had to fettle it for Australia. First problem was they didn't have the B-series engine, as their tooling had worn out, and they'd geared up for the OHC Maxi E-series engine and it's 6-cylinder cousin. Simple solution, do what the Poms had originally planned, and fit the 1500 and 1750 OHC engines. Job done, and 20-50kg lighter to boot. Interiors got a makeover, with locally made high-back seats and door trims. The rear axle was sourced from Borg Warner, the same Model 68 as fitted to the local Cortina, Escort, Corolla and Datsun 1200. The bonus for customising was that it used the Ford 4&1/2" (108mm)stud pattern, instead of the UK Marina's unusual Triumph 3&3/4" (95mm) PCD. So having shipped a crate of body panels halfway round the world and bolted in a truckload of Australian bits, on to Auckland came Ozzy... When I bought him, a previous owner had had the rust repaired by a panelbeater, and he had been repainted in the original "Bold as Brass" yellow. The interior was still in it's worn state, dirty and water stained. The guy I bought him from had tracked down a number of new or good condition trim items, such as lights and dash. The original twin carb motor had been replaced with a single carb version, but the TC motor came with the car - will get that rebuilt, polish up the carbs and get some new Ramflow filters (the original ones are looking a bit tatty).
  5. Hey there guys and gals, My first car was a ke25 that I did a chicken wire and bog job on, and always wanted to restore it properly when I was all grown up. My dad sold it to a farmer who's kids trashed it and tipped out down a tomo I picked this up a few years ago (now that i'm all grown up) and the restoration began..... She's now fully stripped. And I've since collected a bunch of rare parts (ke25 and JDM TE27) and am waiting for the weather to improve so I can make a trip to Rototua and have the shell dipped. Plans are for a 20V Blacktop 7age with T50, Ae86 front shocks & brakes, Ae86 rear end with LSD and possibly repsol orange..... I'm pretty much a mechanical noob with limited experience so i'll do what I can and will have some pro's help along the way...... Any help from some seasoned Oldschool pro's would be much appreciated Discussion thread here //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/49950-alasdairs-1974-ke25-corolla/
  6. Build : //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/52190-johnnys-bigblockpoweredstickcarthatdontshine/ Don't act like you're not impressed & co-owner looks tasty
  7. Discussion for the Corona coupe, would love to know about any others in NZ. Compared to the Celica there are far fewer photos and much less info on the Internet about them. Cheers!
  8. Discussion here - //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/49350-brend0nzs-1969-ford-escort-mk1-coupe-discussion/ Hey Guys and Gals! Im a 21 year old Diesel mechanic apprentice. Originally from Nelson but now living in Wellington. So I finally got around to getting my esky off the road and can now begin working on it to get it mint! I bought this car 2 years ago off a guy in the Wairarapa. Im from Nelson so he drove it over the Rimitakas and i met him at the airport, then i ferried it back to Nelson.. I had only owned this car for around 5 hours and i already had a list of mechanical faults that needed mending. Over the hill it blew a huge hole in the headers and was making a hell of a racket. The points decided to seize shut after i turned it off to board the ferry. Half way home from Picton the alternator stopped charging which left me stranded in the dark at 12am in the morning in the midde of nowhere. Safe to say i was introduced to owning a old school car the hard way, anyways my faith in the esky lived on. 1600xflow Mild cam Unsure of carb size, its off a 2l pinto tho i have been told Good set of flows 0.002" oversize pistons Has had some head work, unsure exactly what 4 Speed box 4.4:1 diff First pic is the day morning after i got it back to Nelson, Below are the pics of its condition when i begun.
  9. Use my KE26 Discussion if you want to talk about this project (Click here) Yep so my mental illness / obsession with old corollas continues with the purchase of my latest rolla: The engine is not running right and it is running very rich and carb is very difficult to tune. I noticed the vacuum advance thingy isnt holding any vacuum which probably contributes to the problem. I'll try fix the engine problems next week. Paint wise it looks to have had a single coat over the original paint (in the bonnet and doors at the minimum). And i can see numerous dents and hollows. The plan is to repaint the car in April or May. This stuff doesn't really bother me the price was fair for what the car is. Interior wise the situation is pretty good. Rips under the seat covers nothing major. So the situation with my KEs right now is the ke35 will get a tidy up to daily/cruise spec. Having this will allow me to focus more time and effort into making the KE26 as good as i can make it. The KE26 also requires a respray and hopefully between painting the 35, my mates S13 and hilux, and maybe my brothers E30 i should be able to lay down a bloody good effort on the KE26. Plus i've got loads of good advice from experinced people at weekend resto course. There has been no update on the KE26 as of late mainly because customs is fucking me around with some parts i need which should be released from their evil clutches in the next week. And also because I bought this 35 and am now broke. I also bought a 3 phase air compressor which arrives in a week or two. I'll be doing all bushing in the 26 in the long weekend that's coming up. I hope to have some more updates in the next couple weeks for both these cars. Somehow I end up helping on my flatmates drift car (200sx) than I do spending time on my rolla these days. But he compensates me in bad jokes, sober driving and scrumpy so it's not so bad.
  10. Just had this 124 bc turn up on my doorstep...I know nothing about it, but put a bid in and at the end I was left holding the baby. So it arrived yesterday, there are a few ugly bits on it like the enormous tailpipe, and I'm not convinced about the spoiler (I doubt the spoiler is genuine? But can't imagine what else it would be off) It's rocking a pair of dellorto 45s which I thought would be a bit oversized for a 1608; but then I know very little, and even less about this particular car. Rego is still live (just put it on hold) so that's a bonus in my book. Original colour - complete with a little rust here and there (surprise surprise) Wheels are 13 x 6(?) Ward mags - I believe NZ made back in the 70's. Ridiculous exhaust on it - and I'm not sure about the spoiler? If the rest of the car were done right it could be ok (only if by some miracle the spoiler were a genuine Fiat item) - otherwise it has to come off. Engine bay - should be a 1608cc , but I need to check the numbers to be sure it still is. Pair of DHLA 45's too After a night on the battery charger and a bit of priming of the carbs I managed to get it running this evening - it sounds fierce! I don't think I could cope with that amount of noise all the time, but it did bring a smile to my face when I first heard it. Blowing a little smoke but pretty happy it runs. Now...where to start? Discussion Thread
  11. Ok, So the link to the build thread is here: Build Thread It looks to be mostly original - or should I say original condition... It's not bad for being 40+years old - just everything needs attention. Bodywork will be the main concern and I've been to scared to take a proper look yet. Also trying to figure out deails/specs about the car: Spoiler is odd - but seems to fit the car properly. Its made of semi-flexible rubber like the front chin spoiler of an early X1/9. Is it a Fiat item? If not, what's it off? Engine should be a 1608cc - will have to confirm with engine numbers soon, but its got a pair of DHLA 45's which I would think to be on the large side? No idea about the rest of the condition Depending on how much is original already (bolt-on add-ons excepted), I'll probably keep it period looking with some minor upgrades. If anyone has any ideas or knowledge about the car I'd be happy to hear them...
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