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Found 15 results

  1. Facepage & Info : www.facebook.com/events/343376036208593/427869601092569 So yeah Brittish VS Euros? Might drag this along
  2. So I've been looking for an e30 manual 6 cyl coupe for a while. Finally found this one for sale in Havelock North, pretty much right next to home: I'd even seen the car around a couple times and taken pictures: The problem being that I don't live at home anymore. I moved to chch for uni. Luckily enough my parents were happy to view the car for me and potentially pick it up. And with my luck the day before they view (and only a day after the guy posted the car to facebook) I get the news that the guy fell asleep while driving home from work and had an unfortunate encounter with a lamp post: But I decided fuck it I'll go for it anyway, I've been looking for so long and how hard can it be to fix? Also it's got some nasty rot under one of the tail lights: And some on the sunroof too: Anyway I'm looking forwards to Easter when I actually fly back home and get a good proper look at the car.
  3. discuss stuff, or don't...
  4. Discussion for this thread:
  5. Succame to something other than good judgement and parted ways with more than I wanted to pay, a 1500km trip saw this tank arrive in my driveway. I had one of these years ago and never really got to live out my intentions due to relocating so I've got around to rekindling my plans in the form of this 525e. The exterior is pretty rough, it has some rust, and a fairly knackered steering box. Grand. The plan for this at present is to sort the body out, rust being on the top of the agenda. Unfortunately it's a bit worse than I expected. Both front doors might need to be replaced and the firewall needs some attention as well. Everything else is just cosmetic. Plans beyond that I've yet to decide. I really think the colour needs to change though as Beige is the colour of defeat.
  6. I've always wanted a cheeky little 2002. Now I have one! Discussions! It's a 1971 and was last registered in 1993 and was never put on hold. So I'll have to go through all the hoops to get this thing on the road again. Awesome shape for it's age. Everything's there except for a few interior trim bits missing and headrests, but should hopefully be able to get em with not much worries. Externally there's a bit of rust in tops/bottoms of both doors, along the front of the bonnet and a bit of a hole in the sill on the drivers side. Other than that, it's straight as. It looks like it's had a bit of a bad respray at some stage as the top coat is flaking off badly on the roof and other parts. The bonnet is from a tii version and is a lighter shade. However I'll be sanding it all back and will get it resprayed heaps betterer. Power comes from a 2ltr Mazda 4cyl and wont turn over. We're thinking something's up with the fuel line as it wants to crank over, but doesn't. Meh. No worries though.. If you know me, then I'm all about the engine swaps! The engine bay is pretty little and tight. I'd love to stuff a m50b25 (DOHC 2.5ltr 6cyl) under there, but I want to stick something of the same make in there without much hastle and modification to firewall etc.. So I might have to settle down and go with a 4cyl. There's heaps of documentation out there and kits to swap in m42b18 (DOHC 1.8ltr 4cyl) which sounds like a decent option and something I could have a crack at myself. So yeah, plans are to tidy it up lushly, replace all the cracked door/window rubber, swap out the dildos mazda engine for a modern bmw engine, maybe a set of coilovers, then get it cert'd and legal. After that, fun stuff like wheels and maybe a front airdam will finish it up super sweetly. Thanks Sparkle for posting this up on marketplace ready for me to pounce on!
  7. @Mr Burns (Jason's) Build thread for this: Words of encouragement and constant nagging to get stuff done please. Discussion here:
  8. Hey Guys... Recently joined and thought I would display my first car and project. Been a work of 5 months now with its fair share of problems from the beginning but is not far away from the WoF now. Just got the seats, speakers, exhaust, seatbelt, mudflaps and a few other minors to go untill she goes in for a WoF and be driving. The car has been built in the barn paint job and all Would like to get out and meet some of the guys once the car is done and go for some cruises round the Kapiti Coast Area or Manawatu Few pictures below of what it once was to now.... Cheers
  9. After going to the meet last night and being told I should post a thread on my cars I figured I may as well. So here goes. Link to discussion: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/48067-m-ms-1985-bmw-e28-525e/ This is my BMW e28 525e that I picked up 2 years ago. It's auto last owner had if for around 7 years and took decent care of it. Registration was on hold and no WOF, needed a few things but no big deal, just stuff like new rear shock mount and some rust holes in the drivers floor to be fixed. This is how it was when I just got it and cleaned it up:
  10. ok, so, started off as most do, was going to be a perfectly standard car. That lasted a little while, I got the modified ball rolling when I tinted the windows. That wasnt quite enough, so I modified the exhaust making it a custom twin 2" system with four cobys, no mufflers (its not quiet), It went on from there Stayed like this for a while, until after having a too good of a time going round and round on the beach, I unfortunatly didnt keep my eye on the temperature gauge and overheated it big time. Luckily the only damage was a headgasket that didnt really go for a while later. Whilst the head was off it seemed stupid not to do any modifing on it, my mechanic loved the idea. Luckiy I have a race mechanic that worked on a E24 bathurst car , whilst the head was only "lightly" modified when the head came off with, lightly ported inlet and exhaust ports "blueprinted", inlet and exhaust manifolds port matched, valves ground down and polished, head slightly skimmed and the valve seats rounded off. While in was in the shop, I decided to do a couple of aesthetic mods consisting of colour coding some mirrors and removing the factory pinstripe The head is to come off again, hopefully sometime this year, to do a more aggressive porting job and a cam. Once again stayed this for a while, chucked some decent brake pads at it, and put it on the track a couple of times, lets just say, the auto wasnt cutting it out there. After saving some money I brought a 528i 5spd parts car and my mechanic once again got stuck into my car. After huge dilemmas after trying to find a motronic flywheel, I got told by a BMW wrecker "oh yeah, the boss is got one of those in his shed I think". Fortunatly his boss did, unfortunatly, being a wrecker, he knew what it was worth, lets just say I paid a pretty penny and not keen to wreck this one. Finally she came out of the shop, much more delayed than I thought, but was a huge change. Totally different car, takes off amazingly in third, my 13yo brothers eyes went as wide as dinner plates when I took him for a ride. Lastest mods that have happened are a full suspension overhall including jamex superlow springs and custom machined celica/pajero kyb shocks. The gearbox has recently been changed to a box out of a E12 M535i that I picked up for a measily $500. Custom alloy sump plate also. Heres some pics as it stands now what exhaust ports used to be like (excuse crude drawing) and incase I forgot anything Rims/Tyres E34 15x7 BBS "Basketweaves" Toyo Proxy4 225/50R15 Suspension Jamex Super Lows Custom KYB Short Shocks, 4WD Mitsubishi Pajero shocks for the rear, 4WD Toyota Celica shocks for the front, machined to fit. Brakes Ferodo Excel Pads front and rear Drivetrain Converted to 5spd Manual Factory 3.07LSD Exterior Removed pin stripe Colour coded mirrors 35% all round tinted windows Polished alloy sump plate Smoked Front and Side indicators Interior Factory electric seats with arm rests Factory Mtech1 three spoke steering wheel Engine M30B34 High Compression motor (10:1) K&N flat panel Ported inlet and exhaust ports Inlet and exhaust manifolds port matched Valves ground down and polished Head skimmed Valve seats rounded Polished intake manifold and rocker cover Exhaust Twin 2" custom exhaust with 2 cobys per pipe with twin 2.5" inward rolled tips Discussion: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/18316-sparkles-5/?hl=sparkles sparkle
  11. Thanks to some encouragment from Low'n'Slow, find herewith the latest chapter of my E30's build. The story up to ~2008: The project started in mid 2002, when I was given an E30 323i with a motor that was more of a 6cyl oil-pump than an internal combustion engine. So I setout to replace the engine with something more modern, BMW motors at the time were rediculously $$, with medorce HP gains (~190hp out of a M50B25). A 2JZ-GE sounded like a good option with 220hp and reasonable $$, but I couldn't find one. Until I stumbled across 2x complete 1JZ-GTE's with a JZA80 W58 for a whopping $2200. Then the fun began, and the engine swap, front brake upgrade & Cert' were done by mid 2003 in time to be used for our wedding. Which had a trio of 80's BMW's, being the E30 3er, E34 5er and a E32 7er. Not being content with the handling / braking, I did a '5 lug swap' using E36 Compact parts and M3 Control Arms. I used Porsche 996 Monobloc Brembo's up front with some nice Koni Coilovers. Stock Compact rear brakes, with Koni Shocks and Kings 'Low' Springs, still had it sqatting like a china-man with the 218rwkw it was putting down. With the Compact rearend, using the same E30 Axles & Diff this became the next 'weakest link' and was given the boot for some more custom DiY-age. Consisting of a late-model E28 5er subframe, trailing arms and axles, with a Supra *A70 G-series LSD (of which I have 3 for less $$ than one BMW LSD). At this time I needed to convert the rear to coilovers also to use the E28 trailing arms, which involved building some custom shock towers, and bracing to the new diff mount. The rear brakes were also beefed up to complement the front with matching porker 996 brembo monbloc's on big vented E36 M3 discs. After a couple of year of abuse, track days, suspension tweaks, exhaust mods, interior stripping, the old girl was not very street friendly and a bit anti-social. Which brings us to my current 'brain fart' situation. [edit] Dug up a few old pics: [/edit] Our first son was born in December 2008, and I had 6wks off work (well timed with the Xmas close down at work) and thought, geez this is cruisy, perfect time to get stuck into those 'bright ideas' I've had. Heck, there seems to be plenty of time to get things done..... Well, almost 5yrs later, as you can guess I couldn't have been more wrong!! ***** Rewind to December 2008: Well over X-mas, with a new addition to the family I had a bit of time on my hands and an angle grinder waiting for a good time. The goal is to be a fun track / clubmans race car. The mods meet the OSCA rules (Namely: max. 305mm firewall setback & No.1 cylinder no more than 5% of the wheel base behind the front axle), should I get the itch to take things up a notch (and find/win some $$$). As you will see, there is a long way to go yet.... I'll let the pics take it from here: Pulled out the engine & gbox and sat one of the rear sump pans I had in the bay. Then took to the firewall with the angle grinder. Jump forward in time a bit. Possible new location for the intercooler & radiator. Some new end tanks for the IC will be on the cards. ***** Brakes are well sorted, made sure of that a couple of phases ago. Porsche 996 Mono-block Brembo's with Pagid RS4-4 pads (oranges). Front: Rear: (also with the E28 rear-end and coilover) ***** Righteo then, a few pics of the limited progress. Downpipe & Wastegate done. Bit of a squeeze past what is left of the firewall Fitted up to the original 3" zorst just nicely NB. The tilton pedal box will be ~6-8" back from where the accel pedal is now. PS. Great tube notching/coping app. Couple of old ones (6/2005 ), of the rear towers (for running coilovers). incl rear bracing and diff mount. Welding to the panel steel was a PITA, was a 2 person job one holding a big copper bar (as a heat sink) in the wheel well. ***** Been a quiet winter, spending time in the warm with the kids had a bit more appeal than the cold garage. But it's spring, so lets check out the new growth... Got the new Firewall & Trans Tunnel folded up, and have started fab'ing into place. The top half of the firewall is now welded inplace. Next is the trans.tunnel O'Joy ***** Metal work nearing completion. Just have the area around the shifter and the steering column to go. Then onto seam sealing and some rattle can red. ***** The E30 saw the light of day for the first time in +4yrs (March 2013). Found a small dragon lurking in the bay... And a smaller one making the engine sounds from the drivers seat... Took about an hour to get him out of there. And a couple of the finished tunnel / firewall. Now it's off to Bam's toget the rollcage done ***** Well, she's back from her holiday at Bam's Just need to sort out my expired race licence(s) and send off the homologation paper work. Had to dial it back a bit to meet my budget, plus I'm never going to want, get or expect 10/10th out of an old E30 chassis. So what would have cost a lot more $$ didn't really add any more value (to me). It is still a pretty comprehensive 8pt cage with nice direct load paths through the main members. Most of the 'extra' stuff can easily be added later if so desired/needed. Also, the way Sch A now reads, and from discussions with MSNZ, directly tie-ing the 'safety' cage into suspension or driveline mounting points is a no-no (ie. top of the rear shock-tower, rear subframe attachments, etc...), With the emphasis on occupant safety and not a means to building a half tube frame reinforced chassis, unless you head down the 'free concept' path and prepare all the engineering calcs/certification. Now I need to pull finger and get the motor & loom back in there *joy* ***** Enough of the retrospective stuff, back to the present. Got the race license sorted and homologation all done Got the cage all prep'd & primed with some nice black etch primer. The exhaust manifold has been machined and painted with some arguably sacrifical 2000° VHT, along with the downpipe. Fab'd the oil drain for the turbo and blanking plates done for the rear water line (heater core removed). The Motor and Box are back in so I can get a few bits'n'pieces fab'd up. Checked I could put it in with the exhaust manifold on, so I can get it wrapped while on the engine stand. Got the seating position set, and setting up the steering column at present. Printing out the template today for the mounting brackets to weld to the dashbar so I can check before getting them cut. If you've driven an E30 you'll unterstand that the steering wheel positon is not adjustable, and is on a semi-bus angle. Not so good when you've moved the seat back 8" and lowered it, so the firewall mount has been raised to flatten the angle. The new column mounts will have a small degree of adjustability built it. I've got a deep dish Mod-08 Momo Wheel and will need a quick release, so should work out well for reach distance. The lower steering column is a bit of a DiY hodge-podge, not wanting to preclude the possibility of getting her re-cert'd for road use, I have used a selection of E30 & E36 Uni's & shafts that can be bolted together. The 'rag-joint' was replaced with a nice steel disc to hold the 2 halves together. Then onto mounting the pedal box. Will now have to do some real work so I can get some new pics up. Hope you enjoyed the read for now.
  12. A few people have said I should join up to this forum so ive fianally taken the plunge,some of you might of seen my car on other forums but here is is again haha. Heres a few pics and a dyno, the car made 279hp at the wheels not long ago, and there is still more in it as it was not tuned fully. Its powered by a 20 series black top 1996 1uzfe with a few mods The car has front and side Schnitzer kits,Modified Mtech1 rear bumper,Mtech1 rear wing,16x7.5 inch Schnitzer type1s with Toyo 225/45/16 t1r tires,Schnitzer front strut brace,Whiteline front and rear swaybars,ebachi sport springs,koni shocks,uprated brakes,nothathane bushes throughout,Jamex demo seats,full pioneer and rockford sound system,Original Schnitzer pedals,knob,handbrake,full redded rear lights There is alot more done to it but i cant remember them all haha (alot of time and money has been spent) Shes my pride and joy! Cheers and thanks for having me herey
  13. The photos are crap but a "teaser" The car is finally back from the panel shop The upholstery is back, so that needs fitting. The final assembly needs to happen over the couple of months. Waiting for some C pillar chrome to come out from Germany So the ultimate plan..... 3.5 engine with triple webers, 5 speed gearbox, and a LSD Wheels will probably be a set of 15 x 7 , 7 series X-Spokes, or the factory alloy wheels (on the front at the mo).
  14. Discussion Thread //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/19983-autonerds-bmw/?hl=autonerd hey from sunny southern CA. i found this site on google images.. and i love the NZ and Aussie styles, it's good to see the old boso style lives outside of japan. you never see anything like this in the states but anyhow, here's my (almost) year and a half project. sticking an '87 325i engine into my old 2002. so far, no outside work apart from a little aluminum welding, so im tired of it mods so far: outside: early style bumper conversion w/shaved overriders ABS front dam fiberglass hood FA RX-7 oil cooler w/earl's ss lines/fittings and rock guard lamin-x amber headlight stoneguards suspension/steering: ES poly bushings at each pivot point solid rear subframe mounts ground control adjustable camber/castor plates ground control front coilovers w/375lb stacks intrax rear springs 275lb 22mm hollow fr/ 22mm solid rr antiroll bars all new rods/joints close ratio steering box wheels/tires: flat black pc'd Ronal R8 (15x7 ET28) fr/rr Toyo Proxes T1-S 195/50/15 brakes: fr- volvo girling 4pots on 320i rotors mintex pads rr- stock drizzums mintex shoes wilwood bias valve interior: de-sound deadeninged / painted autopower roll bar pc'd gold corbeau trs seats schroth rallye-3 harnesses sparco brake/clutch pedals custom throttle/deadpedals custom cf center console wink custom guage cluster w/vdo guages momo monte carlo innovate quick release crappy 3rd light ICE: MBquart speakers an amp somewhere i dunno engine: '87 325 cabrio block/head '90 325e crank ross 1mm over pistons displacement ~2.8L balanced/blueprinted ported 192 regrind cam 12lb flywheel E21 323i 5spd OD transmission Exedy clutch/pres. plate short shifter poly engine mounts 318is in-tank fuel pump MKII scirocco radiator 3.91 LSD w/exactly no lockup left optima red top MSD6A ignition MSD Blaster SS coil NGK plugs and IE wires EMS: megasquirt V3 board running MSNS-E code (not yet)controlling spark using stock 60-2 wheel GM IAT trying to use stock bosch CLT sensor hyundai TPS Innovate LC-1 wideband controller im in the wiring/programming stage right now..both of which im completely new to. it'll get done someday hehehe as bought rebuilt the rearend 1st. i dont know y the hell for old shot of inside after new seat mounts / stripping newer shot of inside (minus the tangle of wires) trunk after a lotta cleaning and welding in the battery holder/strutbar exterior after 1st rebuild attempt had a little fun with the saw and cut anything that wasn't need OUT..oh, and that itty bitty engine too sanding sanding sanding sanding sanding sanding testfit!! ram air!! fits ok. painting painting painting painting putting stuff back in, blocking things off engine buildo done whew that was fast stuff it back in! stop! go! stay cool ready to go hopefully ill get it running in the next few days and get some rolling shots. then it's all cosmetics and a little brakes / suspension
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