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  1. You can't avoid working on it if it's at your front door staring you in the face.
  2. haurangi

    Alistair's 1973 7AGTE Corolla

    Previous owner is OCD as. Drop a bottle cap in his shed and watch how fast he moves to pick it up.
  3. haurangi

    Vintage Grumbles AE86

    You don't wanna meat VG.
  4. There's a futon, but that's more of a bed.
  5. Fuck if anyone is going from WHK I might go for a young hoozah along the ol'd express way in the supercustom.
  6. /Stillway should take the soarer
  7. There's an r32 approximately 200m from J5's house. It's 5x114.3. It's rwd. It doesn't have a motor or gearbox in it.
  8. Dunno if the super custom will make it up your driveway Johnboy
  9. Another q Regarding rose joints for 4 linked rear ends (specifically my flatmate is 4 linking his 323 wagon). Are there specifics relating to the type of rose joint used and where they can be used? I understand the issue around binding and he's going to use bushes on one of his bars/the chassis end but he believes there are minimum specs around the type of rose joint.
  10. haurangi

    Cliff Curtis' RXII

    They aren't worth fuck all, give you $50, bring them in to work next time you actually go home.
  11. haurangi

    Cliff Curtis' RXII

    S15 rear calipers have handbrake built in, should fit nice over hubs.
  12. haurangi

    Cliff Curtis' RXII

    So I tried fully-sick flipping of brackets, defo-no-go, wouldnt even get a bolt head in there, lines up right on the strut, gonna Carboard-aided-design some brackets for a bit of a play around on the weekend, missus is in hamilton this week so might sit in the living room with beers and tidy up the inlet manifolds ready for wrinkle coat while I browse trade me for some s15 rear brakes. Regarding the caliper location on the disc per thegreatestben, the caliper sits perfectly with the top edge of the pad sitting flush with the disc, 100% contact patch.
  13. Exactly the technicians I was referring to.
  14. Quick and dirty one for you lot. Looking at a van, has classic early 90's mitsi roof rust, looks to be all surface. Am I going to have issues come wof time if I buff it away and paint it? Or is it less hassle for me if I get the local crack head panel beater to do it and fill out a bit of paper?