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  1. @Threeonthetree can you organise a winter shed raid with 98cc garage as the main attraction???!!!
  2. Thinking of heading along this month since I havnt been for a long time!! Anyone keen to do what we use to do and roll this then go 'post mans leg pub' for beers and lunch afterwards? @EURON8 @Snoozin @sheepers @edorion
  3. Get a flight to Auckland I'll listen to your shit yarns the way down to whakatane
  4. Just my input in food concerns when in small towns. Go to hunting fishing kind of stores in advance of trip get decent packet hunting food you just add hot water and get a fairly good meal put of them plus they don' take up any space in back pack. Did it all across California when at national parks was legit.
  5. @Shakotom thanks for offer but that is all of the monies is like to keep my budget to in and around fuck all if I can.
  6. @Chris.QCR gave me a buzz today and told me not to be a pussy so I guess I'm in?! at this stage anyway will have to sus a bike etc
  7. Also try find little Nicky while your there could be fun haha. https://youtu.be/Wf5qu1Wk-V0
  8. A walk across "the high line" in Manhattan is kinda cool. It was an abandoned over head railway that was derelict for years that they turned into a pretty sweet above ground park/large art garden. It's a chill thing to do in the daytime.
  9. @Mistral that's a solid good idea and I'll try sort something out for sure. Sump coming along nicely. Made up the gate baffles to stop surging oil slop. Mate of mine makes race sumps for rb engines so copied plans. Will now try and add this cooling system to it somehow. All parts have shown up for the rebuild so as soon as i finish sump can put engine together again
  10. @sheepers so you didnt wana downgrade to a 202 so you should of upgraded to a 308! Its pretty simple really
  11. Started making a baffled sump yesterday at lunch while I wait for my parts to show up from Aus. Have cut the sump out also have made up a template and will bend some panel steel into shape today at lunch ready to hopefully tig up tomorrow or after work at home.
  12. Which of your many wagons you taking? @KKtrips
  13. Pics of sedan. I' tryna push a mate into purchasing it
  14. Ok fine full juice lowrider. Yeh mate its its allgood here for the time being
  15. Yeh it's a fairly average show to be honest just used to go for the swap meet to be honest. Now live an hour away i don' think I'll make the effort
  16. Can you turn this spare one in my shed into LSswap drag car?
  17. Yeh Greg my lowrider homie from welly hooked us up. Rolling Thursday morning
  18. Yeh so I lost alot of interest in this for a while with house project in full swing and buying a datsun wags money was a touch low. So I stripped the motor completely down because the cylinder was quite rusty in number 8 and scored up in number 1. Pistons were already .030 thou over and next size up i could find were .060 so said fuck it and went full bore out size. I bored it out at work honed it up and now ready for assembly next few weeks in spare time. Plan is to work on boat hull over easter so I'll try keep up with updates.
  19. Oh yeh and put a 308 in it cunt
  20. So can I take to this red one with a saber saw? Lol. The sedan have live reg?
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