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    diesel spam

    will depend how grabby the clutch is too. i.e. it makes it trickier with an on/off puk clutch but with a full face that that's less grabby you probably wont notice it much as you have more time to react with the clutch or throttle
  2. because he wants the job finished not piles of mess everywhere a broken brand new fence with no one else to blame
  3. Testament

    diesel spam

    not all but some. it is a process used. fully synthetic is made somewhat like that in some processes. basically if you throw enough energy and science at things with carbons and hydrogens you can make whatever length chains with bits on the end that you like. you can start with gas, oil, or even coal or trees. then you just have to burn a lot of coal or trees and expensive proprietary catalysts to get it to fall to bits and stick back together in the form or whatever else it is you want out.
  4. so you are saying there is a material difference in the injector opening time with differing fuel pressure DP in the range of 4 to 6 bar? while we are talking opening times in the order of 1ms i suppose, but I'm going to need some convincing on that. it doesn’t seem to me that it should effect the operation of the solenoid that much. if that made that much difference then so would engine bay/injector body temperature
  5. you are being fussy the flow of the injectors is still going to be repeatable, its just as boost rises/vacuum decays the amount of injector opening time for the same additional volume of fuel wont be perfectly linear but neither is is engines need for fuel necessarily - hence the need to tune rather than just going about this whole business 100% mathematically. plenty of modern cars run like this too. but the main point of it is that it is alot tidier in some respects, a little cheaper (less fitttings and line needed) and if the car never had a return line you can use the original hardline which makes things super easy. so nah not "ideal" but definitely works just fine
  6. you only need one crank wheel and sensor to a run wasted spark coil pack setup
  7. modulistic terror a foul sadistic feast there's only one way out of here going piece by piece to the laundry that is might be able to do some washing soon
  8. I don't recall it saying anything specific in the HTCM to do with minimum droop but 40mm is probably reasonable. Reality it is a function of vehicle weight to wheel rate/effective spring rate e.g. super stiff circuit car spring rates might only have 10-30mm of droop and give a skittery teeth rattling ride on the average nz road. or the other one is if the shocks have been shortened so much to keep super short springs captive that could also limit droop depending on the specific details of the suspension in question.
  9. old shifter hole closed, and deceptively tricky lump to clear powerglide shifter linkage and hole for shifter cable more cardboard technology and rear floor area sorted more or less will get 2 flat covers for accessing the fuel system and suspension areas next onto stitching frankentubs back together. horrible job prepping all the edges in this ruthless heat grinding dust and old seam sealer and underbody bog junk of foulness everywhere but got it done then lined up the old outer tubs 40mm higher up and began patching in the gaps
  10. you cant remove hydrogen embrittlement onces its there, but you can put other chemicals with the acid to inhibit the effect.
  11. a lot to be said for running the reg in the tank even and not needing a return line. works fine if you are going to be tuning the ecu anyway and are not looking at running lots of boost.
  12. arduino adventure XI: Roman goes hard
  13. what are ya on about, never had a complaint must be something you've done
  14. I think when you dig a hole this deep it might technically become a tunnel?
  15. have a good google, I have a feeling these might be the same as a thermal arc 181i / tweco 181i I know my cigweld 250i is the same as a thermal arc 252i as cigweld/thermal arc have the same parent company. now esab I think, was victor technologies before I believe. but yeah do some research into that because you will find a lot more review/info on the net for the thermal arc products as they are whats sold in the USA, so if it is the same that gives you more information to make your decision on.
  16. don't have any showing whats inside I can easily find but its a real pickapart special. rover bw35 trans, old Datsun transfer case, hilux diffs, seats from a Honda city and yes that's one bank of the exhaust going across the bottom of the windscreen to the other side because there is no room past the steering box when it was going it went great/goes hard for what it is