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  1. 260mm or so. Everywhere is asking around 250 for the job.. Does that seem fair? Might stop being a bit of a tightarse and just fork out.
  2. Lower, wider wheels......zoom pipe?
  3. I will be doing the same conversion soon also should be a bit of fun..
  4. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Trade-Me-Motor ... 373270.htm Same as kiwi ones but cheaper.
  5. Hey boes anyone got access to a mean lathe wanting some spare ping or know of anyone willing to do cashies? I have my front BMW discs i need turned down a bit and redrilled to suit my hubs. Will supply beer/money/lubs to whoever can help out.
  6. If you can stop the wheels when jacked in neutral its normal brother.
  7. Pretty interested in these aye. Anyone heard of people carbing them and using megajolts etc for ignition? I have a mazda b1600 sitting in my paddock with a 2l sohc and 5 speed engine looks like Any chance the box is compatible?
  8. treggo


    Also make sure its torqued up correctly - I'm sure you have.
  9. Whats the availability like of the fe3? They look pretty choice.. So mx5 boxes bolt up sweet? Anything epic fail about them to look at? Chur looks like a mean alternative to the more common conversions in fords.
  10. N/A twink 4g63 on bike carbs, megajolt'd and cam'd please.
  11. To keep the rear seats in my coupe I'm not able to run fixed back buckets right? If I used a standard flip forward passenger seat and a fixed back for drivers would it be sweet?
  12. This is so tight. Cant see white roof working but i'm sure you will change my mind for me!
  13. Last time I talked to snells it was 220 a pair when they reset my leafs. awesome dudes to deal with..
  14. Me and my old man were cruising out of wellington when we saw some seedy as fuck looking dude trying to hitch hike... So we picked up chris (k^3) and took him to palmy. Was fucking epic coincidence of awesome.
  15. jelous about sweet array of turbo parts!
  16. Did you buy a hoist man? If you want any help with anything I'm keen to procrastinate working on my car.
  17. Project cheese mk2. Good luck with it and have some fun.
  18. just get wide as in negative offset and bash the fuck out of everything to make them fit.
  19. That looks fucking brilliant
  20. All good have spoken to slipsittn and we are gonna make up some brakets to fit hilux calipers and my 260mm discs this weekend.
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