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  1. sorry for my useless-ness with meets recently. I have loaded up a BBQ meet for January. Spencer park is the proposed site unless someone has a better idea?
  2. I completely forgot to post this sorry, there is a Cortina display for anyone interested at the Palms arena car park this saturday between 9 and 2.30 I will have a couple of cars down there
  3. Bring your car down for the display and you will get free entry, I have to leave early too
  4. I am planning to be down there for 9am. look for the diesel Cedric/gazebo/os banner our site is in the corner against the fence line of steam scent and Macleans island road .getting into the gate with your os car will be/should be free (make sure you go into the display entry - I think it's the second one) aNY questions or problems get in touch with me
  5. I'm also glad you ended up buying this car. it saved me from buying it
  6. if you want to come and look at how mine is setup/take it for a hoon you are more than welcome to. also if you need R30 parts I have a parts car I bought for the LD28
  7. Gutted I couldn't make it, here's a few pics I was sent the next meet should be swapmeet, I'm trying to get hold of someone there to confirm we have a spot in the display
  8. we really need to trailer the E3 to that so we fit in or something, but with what has gone down today that E3 isnt moving for a while
  9. next meet is up. super late notice sorry, hope to see some of you there
  10. I should really put a boost gauge on the taxi and see what it is running
  11. the next meet is going to be on the weekend of the 23rd as there is a rumour of some Aucklanders being in town. and yes. Swapmeet should be a go. I will probably need a stall to sell some of these car parts I have recently acquired
  12. The Isuzu is away on loan so yep used the ceddy. it's the poverty model compared to the red one, less chrome trim, bench seat and column change feel free to take it for a burn over the weekend
  13. goes hard for what it is... tows alright too. it didn't complain with a dirty old ford sierra on the trailer either
  14. update time. out in the daylight and re assembled. with a new sticker
  15. you should just convert it to LD28+T and never open the bonnet again.....
  16. last update for tonight gearbox filled with fresh oil taxi sign for hanmer meet pickups. 240k skyline steering wheel. os.Co.ng sticker
  17. the doors off the parts car were heaps better so they went on. the green doors look a bit funny with the blue interior but meh no rust wins. deleted the mirror mounts off the drivers door too
  18. I pulled the guard off so we had access to the windscreen pillar. no suprise that the a pillar needed a few patches and the bottom of the guard was full of bog....
  19. up close pics of Previous guard "repairs" drivers side next....
  20. passenger side is pretty much done / just the guard to go also thinking about welding up the sill trim holes to keep the water out long term
  21. Progress, thanks to the amazing @governorsam one very rust rear passengers door... fixed
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