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  1. Post updated and Facebook event created. See y'all in a couple of weeks!
  2. Thread updated. Get to Burgerfuel on Jan 19th for our first meet of the year!
  3. Pete missed out on the last one. Would it be possible for someone to check this one out? You'll be compensated for any costs that you rack up because Pete's a GC.
  4. I'm sure DCC members will be keen to do two events in two weeks? Shame about the rally, but there'll be another one.
  5. The Manawatu Car Club is now running a 4.5km sealed Autocross on December 17th (in place of the circuit tarmac rally that was cancelled). It's not often you get a chance to skid the full track at Manfeild and they'll be running in both directions. It's a real head f*$% to drive the track backwards. I highly recommend it! Entry and info is here:
  6. Fixed the link now. All the auction says is Christchurch. I've messaged the seller to get a more specific answer.
  7. Hi guys, I've got a good friend coming over from Australia in January and he's planning to buy a van to camp in and tour around NZ. He's a mechanic and a mega GC and would like for someone to look over the van before he buys one. The current contender is this lovely Estima: I would hugely appreciate if an oldschooler could help out on this one. Pete is a great dude and would definitely trade man hugs / beer / sharns / mechanical help in return for your services. He'll also be looking for a place to store the van if they do buy it. If anyone's got yard space or knows of an affordable option, let me know. Cheers guys!
  8. Might be wise to call them again for this week? Weather should be sweet
  9. There's nothing that fast over here Glen... Well, aside from Turn 1 at Pukekohe. The last corner at Hampton Downs is a long radius, but not super fast, although diff (and sump) baffles would still be beneficial there! Love the thermal imaging Dave. I'm seriously considering getting a CAT phone with built in FLIR for my next phone...
  10. Hey guys, the weather is looking super average for Thursday so we're going to postpone the meet. It's hard to enjoy the beach without sun! We're pushing this back to NEXT THURSDAY November 24th. Tell your friends
  11. You could go straight to Whatawhata and meet us there? Unsure on how much time it will save you. Also, it seems more likely that we'll leave at 6:40-6:45.
  12. Just over a week to go! Who's old cars aren't going?
  13. This is so sweet! Looks like a couple of years of hard work is paying off? It would be great so see this driving around and making our roads more classy.
  14. I've edited the info into the first post and cleaned up the thread. Here's the facebook event for those who want to share it around:
  15. The Wobbly Arse Bandits. Choice.