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  2. The oldschool outlaws Ellerslie monthly meet.
  3. Round 2 went well again, starting with a P2 in qualifying behind Bryce in the green #22. It rained overnight, so the track was greasy which posed a bit of a challenge in some corners. Race 1 was awesome fun! We had a great tussle in the front group and I managed to hold on for second place. Another half a lap and I could have had him! Race two was busy! I started from near the back of the grid (reverse grid race) and managed to make my way up the order, eventually making it to the front for a win! And the Race 3 handicap was pretty hard to overcome... The four of us were given a pretty huge gap to try and close! We didn't make it, but that doesn't mean it was a bad race. We had a great battle for most of the 6 laps. So that all boiled down to a very close finish for the round overall! I ended up with 187 points, giving me the win for the round above Bryce, who reached 184 points. Two rounds to go!
  4. A bit of a teaser from Round 2. Bump drafting is fun!
  5. Is there still a crew that's keen to have meets? I reckon y'all should kick it back into life.
  6. Just direct them to the growler/pussy/grunter threads.
  7. Yep, that's the kinda sharn we needed. We certainly do have liability insurance and I'm sure we can gather the know how to write a decent health and safety plan. Opening the conversation with Animates will be a really important step... Does anyone have contact details for the animates GM or CEO from when this all happened?
  8. I don't have much of an understanding of the health and safety act, but I think it would be great to come to some kind of understanding with the people from Animates.
  9. Not really. Long story, but a local resident (Porsche owner) complained and then the CEO of the vet company told us we weren't allowed to use their carpark anymore...
  10. Thanks for that. I haven't had much off yet, just the carb so far. It's got no baffles and is loud as fuck, so I'm unsure how blocked it'll be. That trick is always worth a shot though! It became a lot harder to start when I got home from the ride and gave a couple of impressive backfires, so there's definitely a few things requiring attention.
  11. It goes... Kinda... Gave the carb a rebuild using the kit that @Threeonthetree sent down. It runs OK, but doesn't pull very well and won't rev. Next thing to check is points which will require a flywheel tool.
  12. I feel like there needs to be a West Coast Whoopee / Catlins Caper at some stage too.
  13. This video is from Scott's car during race 2. He had a prime view of the multi-lap battle between Tim and I.
  14. Race 3 - handicap. Started last and 20 odd seconds behind the lead cars. Finished 2nd.
  15. A few more pics have popped up. This was just after passing the pink car. He's had the best pace for the last couple of seasons, so making the pass is a good achievement in itself . And this one is the last corner of race 1 - I'd passed Bryce on the back straight, then he fought back in the last corner and I crossed the line 1/100 of a second in front.
  16. I forgot my camera, so borrowed a Gopro for the weekend. I definitely prefer my sony! The angle wasn't great and it's a bit wobbly, but you get the idea . Camera didn't work for Race 1 (gutted), but here's race two from the back of the grid:
  17. Alan Dick / Classic Auto News made a post about the Smith Spider on Facebook and it's sparked a bit of interest. A couple of people put up pics:
  18. Round 1 of the Winter Series complete. We had a decent turnout, with 12 cars on the grid. The changes seem to have worked! The car felt great in testing and I was on the pace with the top guys again. Feelsgoodman.jpg Race 1: Started P3 and managed to pluck off the two cars in front. Made a pass for the lead on the last lap and it wasn't settled until after the last corner. Great race and stoked to get a win! Race 2: Reverse grid, so I was off the back. Pushed hard through traffic throughout the race and ended up in 3rd. Race 3: Handicap - started last and had a great race. Made it to up to second place, but couldn't quite challenge for the lead. I also had the quickest lap of the weekend with a 1:24.623... The next fastest was a 1:24.739 so there's not much in it! I'm pretty impressed with the lap times considering the track was ice cold all day. Here's a couple of pics:
  19. It's the next step up from this. $999 retail and the tig torch is an optional extra. They come with a regulator and I'm pretty impressed with my one so far!
  20. Aaaand delivered to Gisborne for some love from @Raizer .
  21. There's loads of info around on 4AGE wiring looms and ECU pinouts. Club4ag used to be my go-to for most 4A info - hopefully that resource still exists? Your job should be fairly straightforward tbh. The most difficult part will be re-shaping the loom to go through the firewall in the right place. I think @Seedy Al can probably provide details on how to make old Toyotas work.
  22. Damn! That's nuts man... Glad it wasn't worse.
  23. Pulled the seat off and the underside of the seat looks tidy enough. There's a bit of surface rust but nothing to worry about. Seeing it with the seat off gives me ideas to make it more of a scrambler...