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  1. Rusted

    Under hood bracing rusted beyond repair

    I also have some quick release bonnet pins I was thinking of fitting...
  2. Rusted

    Under hood bracing rusted beyond repair

    Pragmatic and sensible. Falcon bonnet bracing and cut to size?
  3. About to reassemble the mark ii and put it into mid term storage. Fond of the idea of improving its condition prior to sitting it in a shed. The hood bracing was rusted to condemnation. Finding replacement parts isn't practical. Any ideas on replacing it with a suitable structure?
  4. So I'm thinking throw a 2jz in it, slammed to the floor, work equip 40s 15x8 & 15x10 with phat flares a half cage and well stripped. Yeah nah. But to bring it bout, slammed w/ wide wheels flares and partially stripped internal and external aka Plymouth barracuda c/o roadkill. Would love tight and tucked but passengers side rear guard is shot and I ain't reshaping that mess. Also considering fitting single 7 1/2 inch headlamps.
  5. Can't ruin what is already wrecked... Looked better before I put tools to it. It's becoming the blind rivet queen. Boots shoot too. Woodwork project? Inner sill is rot too...
  6. So I've been out if the old school scene for a while, seen Ogre today and remember you lot so I'm not dead but still useless. I step away from the rusty sh!t heaps you all play with but have ended up with this POS in my shed. Originally thought it would make for good break value but being rare in NZ and having red spots simliar to the dirt up north it now owns the spot in the shed. 1973ish Toyota Corona Mark ii Coupe MX23 Was used as a race hack years ago. Has been fitted with the kit. 2.8 dohc, 5 speed, LSD, Rear discs, EX-Cs, twin sway bars kitted... true redneck stz. Thing is rooted. Track car maybe? [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] I hate rust but love the style.
  7. Pics when it let's me...
  8. Collected. Its in significantly worse condition that flash's Bedford. Henceforth this ugly hack is Patchford. My inability to weld good should move to passible if I see this through. At least the chassis looks good.
  9. Rusted

    Super suzuki scooters of two smoke

    Coolest 50cc ever? Due to the lack of raw information on the ‘Net about the small motor Suzuki’s I have decided to dig up information the ‘old school’ way- by digging around a Book. From Mick Walker’s 2006 published by Crowood Press titled ‘Suzuki Production Motorcycles 1952-1980. There was also a smaller ‘50’ version with the same disc-valve induction (49.9cc, 41 x 37.8mm) which, running a compression ratio of 6.7:1, put out 4.9bhp at 8,500rpm. The A50 series also had the advantage of a five-speed instead of four-speed gearbox. Over the years (starting with the sporty AS50 of 1968), various versions were built with the same basic engine, including the A50, the AC50 (like the AS50, with raised exhaust, abbreviated chainguard, and either exposed springs or gaited forks), the AP50 (‘P’ for pedals) and A50K (a restricted performance model. Sadly the book does little more than mention the TS50 and RV50 simply exist.
  10. Rusted

    Dat180 '73 Bedford camper - Discussion

    Any swift ideas to lower the Bedford 160mm odd so it can clear the garage door?
  11. Rusted

    Super suzuki scooters of two smoke

    Cheers Kempy. Probably paid to much for it but its mine now! You are saying its a AC50, whats the difference?
  12. Started off a small collection of Suzuki 50's. Started off picking up a RV50 locally for very little outlay. Then bought a TS50 for a proverbial box of of beers then fitted an A100 engine Then chanced onto this A50 while completing a TM deal. Now Im looking for a set of lights to get the A50 scooter legal if anyone can help out and an old TF/TS/TC 125 to rebuild the TS50 to a sizable bike.
  13. Rusted

    Dat180 '73 Bedford camper - Discussion

    Amazing work on your panelvan there Flash!! I've got terrible nausea after seeing the extent of of build.