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  1. No, it'll probably be plastic. This is the part number if you want to try and get one from your local agent: 84814-A0255 or you could get one from eBay
  2. Here you go, just grab one out of the cabinet... I got my rear 110GTR badge from RS START.
  3. They're somewhat in between time wise in regards to white metal and plastic but other cars in the Nissan stable were all plastic badge at that time and mine is certainly all plastic. You shouldn't have any trouble getting a replacement. I can help if you wish. I think RS Start had them when I was there. Edit : Yep純正部品/ハコスカ用純正部品/
  4. How many times has the factory rust in the a-pillars been done? Good ol' Q's. Grew up in 'em but so spendy now that with everything else I can't really justify getting one.
  5. Good, good. Fuck it's been a long time between drinks, man. Good to see you back into it.
  6. Any reason why you've designed in paths of less resistance into your radiator mount (which will essentially act as a duct to direct flow)?
  7. The problem with that is the 202 is non crossflow so the intake and exhaust share clamping forces, if you were to make a spacer plate it would have to be for all of the ports so likely need to be steel but then would potentially increase the probability of leaking due to increased bolt length requirements. It would also be a massive ballache to install.
  8. Why not just get them to tidy it up whilst it's in the shop? How damaged is it that you think it's repair cert worthy?
  9. Ignore Jonny. 13B Turbo or 20B Turbo. More power than the chassis can handle but at least if you crash it, it'll be proper fucked and not half ass.
  10. Michelin has started making tyres to suit old race cars, etc. So they do some wides but not necessarily short sidewalls. Not terrible though. I looked at them for legal sizes for 15x10-12.
  11. When I had my 202 there was always the "put a 350 on it" crowd but that was just all of the gas all of the time. The actual trick was apparently a 465 with vacuum secondaries. That said, I put a 350 on with a Cain SS because I'm an idiot and one popped up for cheapsie doodles.
  12. Also., it's a 202. You're obligated to get a Cain or Redline manifold to fit a 4barrel Holley carb.
  13. Project Farm on youtube has done a sharpener comparison.
  14. Your strut tops look a bit perished there bud. Cover looks good though.
  15. Nothing of that era exists for not stupid money any more. Hardtop coupes are rare, Hardtop sedans are potentially even more so. Finding a factory turbo is harder again.
  16. They're not exactly amazing in terms of modern turbo power by any stretch of the imagination but can be made to scoot along nicely. Was once a common upgrade for the L16 in a Datsun 1600 (510).
  17. Plenty of Z series stuff around. (Navara) Worst case scenario you use an L series box. It fits but it leans over to one side.
  18. There's one on each side. At least the ones I've messed with have that.
  19. ? I don't have access to that info but it is available to several authorities (police, local governance, etc) however unless you're fortunate to have a connection within them you are unlikely to get it I would have thought. So it's essentially a no as it's unlikely anyone in those positions would risk their job by breaching privacy laws.
  20. If you can make this as slick as your other rides it will be amazeballs. That said, I already like the look of it even as you bought it, a few minor tidies and sorted.
  21. A15s are great. I have one in my Sunny coupe. However, for the hassle of a certed conversion maybe go more modern?
  22. I like that the original DABUZZ was the silhouette used for the original logo.