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  1. That is cool, good to see the bike and the build getting the attention and respect it deserves.

    The way the article is written and how it repeats itself over and over kills me though.  I assume the writer grew up watching Dora. 

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  2. 37 minutes ago, JRZZ said:

    Turns out it is running rich, checked the plugs last night (which are new) and they are black (had the idler screws out 1.5 turns. Going to try screwing them back to 0.5 and lower the float level a bit. Fuel was filled up last weekend, got 95 in it.


    Put 100 in it. 

    I get that it's an American lump used to running on garbage but give it a fighting chance to be good. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Truenotch said:

    If you decide the AR1s are too motorsporty, I've got a recommendation for you. 


    Hankook Ventus RS4. They're available in 225/45-15 and are a great all rounder. This is the new class tyre for MX5 racing (although we run 195s). So far the lap times are about the same as the R888Rs and they're loads better in the dry. 

    I've done 6 meetings on my first set and they're barely showing signs of wear. I'll probably get 12 race meetings out of a set at the current wear rate.

    We pay under $200 per tyre for ours and I'm sure you'd be able to snag a set of 225s for ~$250 per tyre if you use the right dealer...

    Do "tyres for power" and "tyres for mx5s" have a crossover?  :P


    Seriously though.  Good option. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, RUNAMUCK said:

    Hes right you know. 

    They rust worse than KE70s/KB310s. (And those were turds for rust/in general)

    Hey fuck you, Bart.  KPB310s are cool, just because you put an L20B in yours... 

    Rust though. 


    They only thing worse would be if you got one that Malcolm had owned before you. 

    Edit : Sorry, assumed this was spam thread because blagging on Tredias, etc.

    Please delete. 

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