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  1. 20 hours ago, kws said:

    These disposable welding gas bottles, are they any good? Do they last any sort of reasonable time? I have a couple of small patches of rust I need to weld, and have no gas/regulator at the moment and thinking of changing from flux cored to solid wire for this job just to have better/cleaner welds.

    I know the bunnings side D bottles are good value, but $129 + $240 (plus regulator) is a bit much for me since I use the welder once every couple of blue moons.

    They're terrible.  I used them for a while but they just don't last worth a shit,, far more cost effective to go a proper bottle. If you really want to try it I can send you a regulator for them. 

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  2. 14 minutes ago, Raizer said:

    Lol fuck, I tried every engineering place in town, and had to explain what ductile iron even is too all of them (calling it SG or nodular iron didn't help either?!)
    Best I could come up with locally was $220+ for 2x bits of 32mm mild steel plate CNC plasma cut to 170mm rounds, would still need threading and a lot of machining.

    Tried the 2 main ductile suppliers I can find in NZ on google, Easysteel want $600+ for 2 cuts of it in 200x40 round, the other place laughed and said not to waste their time with such small amounts.



    But I found a place in the states that have these blanks ready to do the finale facing etc on, shipping is more than the price of the plates but it still totals less than just a couple bits of steel here, going to have to knock out a few lawns I think, all my toy budget seems to have dried up haha

    I've found guys at steel suppliers to be condescending fuck wits in the past too, tbh.  Thought it may have been a local issue but I guess not. 

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