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  1. Range Rover Rescue

    Bagging and tagging has begun. Think I am going to need more bags.
  2. Range Rover Rescue

    Started on the strip down. Find some good and some bad but overall pretty good. Hoping to get it into Auto blast in the next month to give the chassis a clean up. Meanwhile the other one waits in the corner.
  3. Range Rover Rescue discussion

    Awesome, thats the 2nd referral for them now! I've been trying to call but no one ever picks up ha! Will pop in next week
  4. Range Rover Rescue discussion

    Interested to hear some recommendations on places in Auckland I can get some rust repair and paint done please team
  5. Range Rover Rescue

    Ok time to face the elephant in the room. RUST. Range Rovers are great for hiding it under their exterior aluminium panels. I was hoping I could get it through a WOF with a few patches to the sills and the rear but more I think about it, more I want to do it properly. Hope to keep this truck for a long time. All carpet pulled out to see what lies benith. Front floors bit of mess, some nasty old sealer put over it. Rear floor will need both sides done as well as inner and outer sills and A Pillar. Fingers crossed the bulk head is ok. Doors and tail gates are solid so I am pretty stoked on that. Heat gun needed to remove all the old carpet residue from the paint. Doors solid, will get some replacement trim in the correct colour later on. Or pinch off my other one. Had some scary quotes from panel and paint places on the work, I would love to drop it there and get them to do it all but budget won't allow for that. I hope to dismantle as much of the truck as I can ( its a big Meccano set ). and deliver them bits to work on and then I reassemble... Looking at removing glass, a few other major bits and then the entire side frame can come off which holds most of the problem areas. As per below. Fuck it, he goes - whats the worst that can go wrong...? Lots of bagging and tagging bits. Wish me luck. (also keen to hear some recommendations in Auckland for the rust repair and bit of paint )
  6. 98cc's BSA Bantam racer build, FINISHED

    Bike looked freaking awesome at the show. Hats off man, good work!
  7. Lambretta build

    Break in time after a dyno. Came in at 21hp with a solid amount of toque. Pretty happy with that. Scooter rally in 2015 and first run on the new build. Left from Wellington with a loop around the central north island. Day 1, 50kms from start line and team mate had a good seize. Team down to 3. Came across this shop, and this old legend ( I think his name was Bill?) let us use a bunch of his tools and talked for hours. Some amazing bikes stashed in side, well worth a look if you are in Upper Hutt. Open carbs and gravel roads... Great pub though. Late night re builds. Buddy crashed on the way into Waiouru, went on to fix his bike and continue. Gentle Annie road from Waiouru to Naiper was awesome, such a fun road. Finish line in Wellington. Very exhausted after the 1600km. Stoked on how well the untested bike went! Took a while to clean all the grim off it! Fresh coat of tyre paint too More to come if you are still following...
  8. Range Rover Rescue

    Slow progress! I need to get more time to spend on this thing. Doesn't help another one I had stashed at my parents place in Canterbury has also turned up. Back to Red. Brakes are all on, little spongy still. Might need another crack at bleeding. I borrowed a polisher and got to work last Sunday. First time I have ever polished a car ha! Pretty amazed how the old paint came out. It's still shit, falling off in places and different colours in places but it has a sweet shine to it now! Makes me feel much better about the project. Also removed the vinyl on the C pillar. Last owner put it on to make it look like a later model. Super freaked out to what I might find behind the vinyl but I was pleasantly surprised. Paint is slightly different shade to the rest... Looking at getting the original radiator rebuilt for it. It has had a few patches and repairs and some of the corner folds are leaking. Brad from Auto Radiators in Grey Lynn blew my mind with his radiator knowledge. Priced it at around $950. Ouch. I kinda want to do it, I kinda don't....
  9. Lambretta build

    Good spotting! Must be. Not many TV200s around
  10. Lambretta build

    Now for the expensive part! All happening around 2 months before the next scooter rally. Nothing like a deadline to get stuff done... Frame stripped, some extra support welded on known weak points and then off to HPC This was the start of a lot of online shopping and spending money at HPCoatings... Also sleepless nights trying to decided on colour ways for it. I went for a strange old Alfa Romeo GTV colour called Yellow Ochre or AR112. Still a bit unsure as to why I chose this colour after all, oh well it is certainly different. Pretty sure the paint shop also tinted it a bit differently... Panels stripped ready for the paint to go down Expensive bits coming in thick and fast, new big block engine casings, fancy front shocks, digital speedo with fuel sensor, rev counter and cylinder head temp sensor, 30mm Mikuni TMX carb. Time for the engine build. I couldn't have done this with out the help of my mates. A mate Ben spent many late nights helping me out with this build and has an amazing attention to detail when it comes to building anything, especially 2strokes! Great workshop too... I went a bit overboard on this but aim was to make a fast reliable scoot. I went with a kit AFrayspeed TS1 225 kit, mild porting, high comp cylinder head, larger crank, clubman exhaust, AF touring clutch with race springs etc. Side casing going together New 52mm crank installed Parts coming back from the painter in my interesting new colour... To top off my indecisive paint choice I went with this slate blue colour for the rest of the components... Front end going together, disc brake and the new shocks Engine closed up and in the frame Glove box, long range tank, carb and rear guard going on All new cabling and electrics BGM clubman exhaust fitted Rob's bike also getting a TS1 kit and a bunch of go fast bits at the same time. I think all four from the team had their bikes in pieces at this stage First ride! Jetting not 100% but it went awesome! Off to get dyno'd shortly. Scooter rally was only a few days away. What better way to break in a new 2-stroke than 1600km at full throttle? To be continued...
  11. Lambretta build

    Hey Team, dug out a heap of photos of my old Lambretta project. Warning - a lot of photos and wofting on from the last 4 years or so up to present day so I will split it up into a couple of posts. First off, much like my Range Rover project I blame my parents. Dad used to have a 180SS Vespa and travel all over the South Island on it. They then got me a brand spanking new Vespa PX200 for my 21st birthday which I still own. Any how, all their fault and then my mate Rob's - who let me have a hoon on his Lambretta one lunch time. I was sold, I needed one! So much more fun to ride than the fat bottom Vespa. The hunt was one! It took me a while to find an Italian built Lambretta, most for sale are the Indian ones from the 80s. I got this 1963 Lambretta LI125 Special from a chap on the shore who built it many years ago and really liked matt black spray paint... It had a few trick bits on it and went pretty well. It had a pretty spicy Ralph Saxelby RS175 small block kit on it, ported barrel, suzi piston, snazzy AF crank, 30mm Delorto carb and a clubman exhaust. It was dyno'd around 15.5hp and a lot of fun around town but only really made power high in the rev range, not so good for long distance hoons. Any way, time for some photos. Chronological order up until present day. As I got it, naff GT badge and a lot of mat black paint. Nice Yamaha R1 shock on the rear and the old RS small block. It used a lot of gas but made a great sound. The small tank was soon swapped out for a larger long range tank in preparation for a 4 day 1600km scooter rally (race). Looking back, kind of dug this look. Tyre paint helped! Scoot all prepped for rally. We road from Auckland up to Cape Reinga in back over 4 days. Around 20ish scoots in teams of four and averaged 400kms a day. A few road side repairs and tunes along the way. Clutch cable change at the Cape Reinga 90mile beach run with open carbs... Side panels not wanting to stay on at 100clicks... Any way scoot went great over the four days. Used a heap of 2stroke oil at 4%... My first DGR ride, good fun but a really heavy race clutch and slow a ride was hard work! Next years scooter Rally on my mind. Time for face lift and the need to be faster! Time for a re build that ended up getting really out of hand and still in the process today... To be continued tomorrow...
  12. Range Rover Rescue

    I finished of the caliper rebuild. First time I've ever rebuilt calipers so I am pretty chuffed with them! Also front lights and grill are on. Makes the rest of it look pretty rough now.
  13. Range Rover Rescue discussion

    No big updates on Red yet but I did get down to Christchurch for some site visits last week so I got to send some time with the parents and the other Rover... It is a pretty solid truck but needs to go through compliance again as the last owner let it lapse. 1979 and a suffix F so one of the last ones in the suffix range. Nice to have power steering and a few other luxuries that the A does not. This is the good side, other has a bit of panel damage. Tossing up if I should get it through compliance in Christchurch and drive it up or get it on a transporter up to Auckland. Any recommend compliance places in Christchurch?
  14. Range Rover Rescue discussion

    Choice. If you want to sell them, flick me a message with some photos please,
  15. Range Rover Rescue discussion

    Awesome cheers for that Torton. Still hunting tyres for this thing. If any one has some leads on some 205R16 that look similar to this tread patten let me know. Everything I find looks too modern and lame. Photo below of the Factory Michelin X M+S on it. Awesome tread but way too old and cracked to fang down the motorway on. Any leads on this greatly appreciated!