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  1. I finished of the caliper rebuild. First time I've ever rebuilt calipers so I am pretty chuffed with them! Also front lights and grill are on. Makes the rest of it look pretty rough now.
  2. No big updates on Red yet but I did get down to Christchurch for some site visits last week so I got to send some time with the parents and the other Rover... It is a pretty solid truck but needs to go through compliance again as the last owner let it lapse. 1979 and a suffix F so one of the last ones in the suffix range. Nice to have power steering and a few other luxuries that the A does not. This is the good side, other has a bit of panel damage. Tossing up if I should get it through compliance in Christchurch and drive it up or get it on a transporter up to Auckland. Any recommend compliance places in Christchurch?
  3. Choice. If you want to sell them, flick me a message with some photos please,
  4. Awesome cheers for that Torton. Still hunting tyres for this thing. If any one has some leads on some 205R16 that look similar to this tread patten let me know. Everything I find looks too modern and lame. Photo below of the Factory Michelin X M+S on it. Awesome tread but way too old and cracked to fang down the motorway on. Any leads on this greatly appreciated!
  5. Awesome! Would love an old G/S. Keen to follow this build
  6. Love a good cutaway drawing. Correct colour too!
  7. A little more progress! I rebuilt the front hubs and swivel housings. Nice new brake rotors, wheel bearings and coat of high temp paint for some of the bits. New favourite tool - Gift from the wheel bearing gods (Mitre 10). Front end light surrounds and grill powder coated - looks good but the old one had some small areas of filler which hide the small dents. Any recommendations on powder coating places? Hope to get the bumpers and steel wheels done shortly. Front headlights also got a refresh and secondhand light surrounds came up well after an afternoon of polishing. I've started to rebuild the callipers and I hope to have them ready to bolt on next weekend with new flexi and hard lines. The old callipers were seized solid and the pistons are pretty stuffed - luckily the bores are still in good condition! A coat of high temp paint and they are starting to look good again. Assembling bits in the living room. I'm still on the hunt for some bits - if any one has any, let me know! I'll end on a full Barry moment. Factory tool kit that is 100% complete and what looks to be brand new. Half of the bits look like they have never been used! (which is strange if you own anything British). Duncan out.
  8. Pretty slow progress on the Red Rover. Spent the last few weekends sorting out my daily Rover with new brakes, hub seals and full service. Anyhow, started on rebuilding the front brakes on Red. Old discs were stuffed, very pitted and some of the brake lines were blocked as well as some very leaky hub seals and bad wheel bearings. Started by stripping them all down, big job cleaning it up! So much grime! Great fun removing caliper bolts that haven't come off in who knows how long. This week's job will be rebuilding the calipers and hubs with new seals and bearings. Then hopefully in the weekend installing them all with new rotors, pads and lines. Also been trying to get to the bottom of why it seems to be down on power. Starts and idles fine but very rich and plugs are coming out very black. Replaced a torn diaphragm in one of the carbs but still no luck. Think I will just take it to a carb wizard to sort - I have heard Hitec Motorsports in Dury are good. Any suggestions? Looking forward to bolting nice shinny bits on next weekend. Parts hauler is going well now. Wof passed and running well. Looks massive compared to the little Turbo City.
  9. Hey Dolan, any luck with other models, do you get the Michelin XPC in stock?
  10. Hey Dolan, thanks for the reply! That would be awesome! So many times people do a restore and put a modern looking tyre on, totally ruins the car imo. They are Michelin X M+S in 205r16. Couple of photos below Also the Firestone Town and Country but I think that is even harder to find. Damn it looks good
  11. Hey Team, I am after a certain tyre for my old Range Rover. Trying to get as close to the factory period correct look as possible. Old Michelins and the Firestones now seem discontinued so the next best is this Dunlop. They are called Dunlop Road Gripper F. In 205r16 or 205/80/16. If any one knows where I could find a set of 5, sing out please!Dunlop NZ are not very helpful.
  12. No real updates yet. Work seems to be getting in the way! Hopefully getting started on a brake rebuild this weekend Anyway, my buddy Kieran who is helping out me took these rad photos with his Leica a few weeks back.
  13. First day getting to know the new ride. Got a new set of tyres fitted and gave it a once over. A few bits aint working and missing a few bits of trim but all seems ok. Can't get over how big it is! 4.2V8 is effortless too. Some serious gas bills coming my way. Next to my buddies 79 today. Need to give the exterior and interior a good clean up tomorrow. First motorway run is alway a bit scary, truck went awesome though. Excuse the potato phone the shot was taken on.
  14. Sucker for punishment. New daily just turned up
  15. Hot damn! That is an impressive disco! I used to have a early 200tdi one. A bit slower than that...