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  1. nacnud

    Toms 89 Mk2 Golf Discussion

    Hey Thomas! Duncan here, I used to have that white Mk2 ABF Jetta. Awesome to see you still have the golf mate, Keen to hear how the 2.0t goes !
  2. nacnud

    Range Rover Rescue

    Got the front and rear axles installed! Starting to look a bit more complete... Rear axle and hubs are all back together with new seals, bearings, gaskets, fasteners and discs. New ball joint for the rear A-Frame load leveller thing. Man this took a bit of pressure on a friends press to get in. Seated perfectly in the end. Next up is rebuilding the front swivel housings. It took me a while to find a good set of original chrome swivels without any pitting. I then blasted and painted the swivel housings then proudly displayed them on the dinning room table... Waiting on some swivel shims and bearings and then I can get started on those. Another load of fasteners for the next round, all nicely sorted by part number
  3. nacnud

    Range Rover Rescue discussion

    Such a good feeling putting it back together! Hurts the wallet though. It is pretty much a big Meccano set though, everything is bolted together
  4. nacnud

    Range Rover Rescue discussion

    Glen and Greg are absolute legends! Their quality of work is outstanding. Some more Land Rover faff to add. Sold my Range Rover LSE, the 4.2 was just too expensive to run as a daily! I do miss the big old thing though. How good is that rear leg room! It has been replaced by an 1998 300tdi Disco. UK model but came over early, it is also a very basic spec which I love. No ABS, AC, Airbags and manual sunroofs. Great parts hauler and camping machine. Also have this 1973 Suffix B stashed which I am trying to figure out what to do with?!
  5. nacnud

    Lambretta build

    Slow day back at work so time for an update with some photos. Not a huge amount has changed on the scoot BUT it is finally legal! Bit of a process with border checks, lighting exceptions, vintage car club sign off and even the need to get a low volume cert (front disc etc). It is a good feeling not having to worry about the local fuzz and being able to properly insure it though! Had another 1600km Motto TT event last year, scoot went well until some minor mishaps near the end. Exhaust decided to open up and on the final day my statorplate shat itself. New tubeless rims before the event. Route over 4 days, 1600kms. Lots of Castrol TTS was used! Teammate helped patch up the pipe at a local bike shop in Wellsford which lasted well for the rest of the event! The stator plate then gave up around Tutukaka Coast on the final day so it was trailer time back to Auckland. Bit of a stink way to finish the event but still loads of fun with great people. Poked exhaust was a good thing in the end, it meant I could finally get my self an expansion camber. A friend parted ways with his Darryn Tayor tuned Evo pipe and I gladly took it off his hands. Still some tuning to happen but damn I am loving it so far! Next up is to sort the tune, maybe a dyno and trim rear floor boards for clearance on the pipe.
  6. nacnud

    Range Rover Rescue

    Long time no update! Unfortunately the project is moving pretty slowing, same old story of life stuff getting in the way etc. Any how I am ok with it, I am spending a lot of time trying to get all the details 100%. Since last update I have had the chassis, axles, suspension components and a bunch of other bits blasted and painted. A stack of new fasteners and I am now starting to slowly reassemble! What an awesome feeling it is putting fresh fasteners on newly painted bits! I have also had a bunch of bits re-passivated and managed to find some new old stock indicator lenses Does anyone else lay out refurbished bits on their lounge floor?? Best way to sort new fasteners I have found! Phil at Key West has been heaps of help. New Old stock front lenses I found in Timaru! So stoked on these. New Old Stock rear lenses too The start of the re-passivated bits coming in. Half of them you will never see but I can't help my self!
  7. nacnud

    Range Rover Rescue

    Some real progress! Photo heaving as I am fizzing. I stripped the body down some more. Everything apart from front window and steering column. Pretty light now and easy to push around! Some of the bagging and tagging, a bunch more boxes of bits to be powder coated, galvanised or painted. Then picked up by the team at R3 Fabrication. They then lifted the body off the chassis, broke the frame down into the individual bits and got stuck in! Bulkhead started then the rest will follow. So stoked on it so far. These guys are doing a great job! Chassis to be also stripped down, blasted and epoxy.
  8. nacnud

    Range Rover Rescue discussion

    Keen to hear some recommendations on places for getting chassis blasted and epoxy please team.! Phoned around a few buy keen to hear who you guys have used before. Thanks!
  9. nacnud

    Range Rover Rescue

    Update time! I have been chipping away removing more bits from the Range Rover. Trying to build up courage to remove the dashboard. Hoping to have the body off the chassis soon then the chassis and drive components can go in for blasting and the body off to the panel beaters. (keen on some recommendations on places for this if you have any) Also came across a really good set of side frames. One NOS never used and one near new. This will sort the sills, rear floor and pillars. End goal... Also, to make matters worse, I sold the white one I had, which was supposed to free up some cash to spend on Red. But then I went and got another one... NZ new 1973 Suffix B in Bahama Gold (reg on hold woohoo!). Buddy and his bobtailed one helping me move it. It has some massive V8, I think LS1. It didn't even know it was towing another.
  10. nacnud

    Range Rover Rescue

    Bagging and tagging has begun. Think I am going to need more bags.
  11. nacnud

    Range Rover Rescue

    Started on the strip down. Find some good and some bad but overall pretty good. Hoping to get it into Auto blast in the next month to give the chassis a clean up. Meanwhile the other one waits in the corner.
  12. nacnud

    Range Rover Rescue discussion

    Awesome, thats the 2nd referral for them now! I've been trying to call but no one ever picks up ha! Will pop in next week
  13. nacnud

    Range Rover Rescue discussion

    Interested to hear some recommendations on places in Auckland I can get some rust repair and paint done please team
  14. nacnud

    Range Rover Rescue

    Ok time to face the elephant in the room. RUST. Range Rovers are great for hiding it under their exterior aluminium panels. I was hoping I could get it through a WOF with a few patches to the sills and the rear but more I think about it, more I want to do it properly. Hope to keep this truck for a long time. All carpet pulled out to see what lies benith. Front floors bit of mess, some nasty old sealer put over it. Rear floor will need both sides done as well as inner and outer sills and A Pillar. Fingers crossed the bulk head is ok. Doors and tail gates are solid so I am pretty stoked on that. Heat gun needed to remove all the old carpet residue from the paint. Doors solid, will get some replacement trim in the correct colour later on. Or pinch off my other one. Had some scary quotes from panel and paint places on the work, I would love to drop it there and get them to do it all but budget won't allow for that. I hope to dismantle as much of the truck as I can ( its a big Meccano set ). and deliver them bits to work on and then I reassemble... Looking at removing glass, a few other major bits and then the entire side frame can come off which holds most of the problem areas. As per below. Fuck it, he goes - whats the worst that can go wrong...? Lots of bagging and tagging bits. Wish me luck. (also keen to hear some recommendations in Auckland for the rust repair and bit of paint )
  15. nacnud

    98cc's BSA Bantam racer build, FINISHED

    Bike looked freaking awesome at the show. Hats off man, good work!