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  1. Run over and offer them money! I need a parts car....
  2. Sat down in the quiet part of the house tonight and proceeded to disassemble the gear lever housing. Luckily the only casualties are one of the internal rubber bushings and the internal pipe with the major bend in it. Seeing as I am bereft of major tools I might drop it in to an engineering shop or similar somewhere and get it straightened before getting the whole lot back together. Had to make a major saving throw against charisma when a voice boomed out "You do realise this is my sewing room?? MY Sewing room???" (Cheesy Smile +4) Then missed another lesser saving throw against d
  3. Hmmmm.......one of these things is not like the other.... It does make me think if this was one of the reasosn it was taken off the road. It looks at some stage like someone has tried to get it out of reverse and into neutrl without the use of the key which, as we all now know, is mechanically impossible when the key has been removed. Anyway, I'll have to come up with a cunning way of disassembling the assembly and either straightening or replacing the effected bits. In other news I took the 10 minutes between house and family stuff to finally get the key barrel moving, so we
  4. Sure, but how big is "BIG"????
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions, it is getting the brain matter working. When they cutup the GT Car wagons a few years back I would have loved to get my hands on some of the "Artwork" on those. I had a dream to start a coffee shop where the decor was side panels salvaged from the scrappies called "GT's"....would have been ace.
  6. Mini Grille evolution could work.... I'm trying to convince a mate that he doesnt have the room for his toys and that he can lend me one to display...
  7. So....we've just moved into this house, right, and there's this one wall over by the fire that is large and needs something special. The space to fill is 2m x 2m (roughly) and I'm thinking of a display of things....something like Snowboards (even though i cant ski), Surfboards (Cant surf either)....or something. Ideas? A Custom Painted car bonnet? A collection of grilles? Something from a scrappy that looks cool? (I was thinking of a Tiger Moth tail or something similar).
  8. Have hankered after a Shoveit since seeing one in my teens that had a full body kit and mags. Luckily it wasnt moving so no illusions were shattered.
  9. Personally I think the world needs more.
  10. I concur.....in a moment of madness when younger I borrowed one from a dealership and drove it around the streets of Timaru for an hour. A+++ would trade again, if only for LOL's.
  11. Obligatory wheel pic cos discussion.
  12. I have several plans for this car, that may happen in the future.
  13. A Rough measure has the PCD at 115mm. According to the manual it came stock with a set of 115/15s but its now sporting some 165/15s which were standard for the EMS and slightly gruntier L models.
  14. After a week of dodging hail showers in the evenings while working half in/half out of the Saab I finally found some good weather today.....so decided to take the seats out for shits and giggles. It has at least let me get eyes on some more of the floor but I'm not any closer to getting the key barrel out. Damn Scandinavians.... Seat mechanisms are all still good as are the frames, so hopefully it will be case of Motor Upholstery for Dummies and we will be good to go. Gotta love those headrests. Che Guevara tee shirt being gainfully employed to mop up water under t
  15. Shit day at work today, concluding with a visit to my desk by the CEO. Immediate Boss (GC) stood up for me but still Cack. Got home and attacked the Passenger Door Doorcard to work at getting the lock barrel. Got this far before being driven inside by Mosquitos and thirst. Not as bad as it could be I suppose but something will have to happen to the bottom and the outer skin (one of the few places to have a hole in the body). Once I've arranged a weatherproof cover the door will come off for some work. Tomorrow nights job will be getting the barrel out (if I can work out how
  16. Glass is good as well. Underneath? Well, that could be another story.
  17. Hold that jealousy until it actually moves under its own power...at the moment its just a Driveway Ornament. Once its running I'll bring it down to Dunners one holiday to an OS meet and it will be free rides for all.
  18. Not yet....Lichen removal first, then the fancy stuff.
  19. I was going to post a photo of a piece of lichen on my thumb but thought better of it. Its no issue anyway, most of it ended up on the next door neighbours camper van.
  20. You join the growing chorus...so far @Carsnz123 and @yoeddynz have pleaded for the same. I might try and drive it around in its current patina for a while before a respray. Due to being psychologically scarred as a child (our family Marina was this green) I dont think I could live with it in this colour for ever. Plus @Carsnz123 looked at it today and declared it needed to be lower.
  21. Oh, and this emerged from under the lichen....
  22. Waterblaster and scrubbing made short work of the lichen today and Agnetha now looks 76.2% better. Once the water drains out of her I'll attack the interior with the vacuum. In other news, the hypothesis that th elast owner was a 60yr old male with walk shorts, sock and roman sandels with the uncanny knack of being able to quote the Saab Owners Manual verbatim were disproved when I climbed into the boot from the cabin and did some archeology: And speaking of owners manuals......a chance find by @Carsnz123 at the Vintage Car Club. We are guessing it could well be for this very
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