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  1. Hey Mikey, Where did you source the new fuse box from? Have been looking at the same upgrade. Cheeeers
  2. Fizzing! Do we want to meet up for the Friday night laps somewhere? I'll probably hit up my usual watching point at the culdesac at the end of hunt road by the beach if anyone wants to join. Would be neat to get a train going. Might see yas there.
  3. Limeworks loop swimming hole was full of rock snot when I went there in March last year. bloody gross.
  4. Maaaaaybe... sneaky snek just on Fridays though, it's like waiting for a package from the couriers haha
  5. Rust found has been minimal as expected. Behind rear arches, in the rear dog-leg and the bottom of the front quarter panels. Would have spread over time so good to get it chopped out anyhow. Found out she has been in a bit of a crash probably back in the 70's since the rear left panel on it was bonded with lead joins (proper OS). Doesn't bother me since the repair has stood the test of time very well.
  6. The good thing is it was white underneath too I guess. Feels bad man.
  7. So the old girl has been sent to the painters for a bare metal re-spray (not removing interior or engine+drivetrain). After doing a couple of Gumboot Rally excursions, the stickers they give you were a bit too strong for the poorly bonded paint applied by the previous owner and it peeled off :/ So after a bit of saving I've stripped her out and decided to invest in some panel and paint. Also got a full weatherstripping rubber kit and shiny new badges out of the states since most of them broke when taking them off.
  8. BMW C1 176cc's of European finesse and styling haha yeah, ugly asf but thats why I like it. It has seatbelts and an interior light! Fixed it up with my dad after saving it from the scrappy for $500.
  9. hooooly shit. Just read through all 28 pages of this trip. I'm keen to do it on the C1 now that it's legal if people are still good to sign on at this late-ish stage? @64vauxhall I'm down to tag along on your extra journey just lemme know which days I need to take off work. Looking to find/make some roofracks for it or just use tie downs.
  10. Ooh, just seen this now. I'll be keen to bring the 240 if you still need a display car
  11. Would we be interested in doing another F&C run to rags for the February or March meet? Might as well use the extra light hours while they're here.