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  1. Thanks I'll look into that I'm keen on the tuning bit . Bronze I'll get some pictures but I just chuced mine together a bit of trial and error until it ran right.
  2. bit of a boring update, did the same as yesterday but in the fuel tank access panel..i took the tank out and was well chuffed to find it pretty good under there. few scabs but no holes. so, wire wheel, rust converter etc etc i'll chassis undercoat it in a few days once the rust converter has done its magic. i need to get some sills asap, then the tank can go back in and it'll be running again cos its a heavy bitch to be pushing around. also a mate dropped off 2 more heater cores so i can hopefully plug and play with the dash now. we'll see but it looks heaps easier from what i can see. thats
  3. yeah get some pictures up please! i need inspiration and tbh, i just like looking at falcons. lol
  4. I actually didn't realise they had weak clocks. Nah the xf dash is crap. It weight half what the xe does and the clocks are just nasty. Retro but not in The good way. I have some s pack clocks with volts and oil pressure in them so id rather get that working properly anyway tbh. Also if the Speedo drive is in the back of these (I haven't checked) I'll get it recalibrated to read correctly with my wheels. The rust thing I was expecting. Meh. Its an old Ford man I'm not that naive anymore lol I'm chuffed to have not found more.
  5. Today i got the dash out, the XE is well different to the XF which is understandable tbh, but still annoying lol. gonna take some thinking to get it all to work. plenty have done it but theres fuck all in the way of info with regards to wiring diagrams etc that i can find, but i'll make it work. spent most of the day then removing trim and getting the soggy sound deadening out with a heat gun and scraper. left it with some rust converter doing the good stuff. rubber mat, yum! niiiiice! bit of a score this i reckon. early bench seat. the later ones
  6. Been a while without an update on this. i've got into it over the easter wekend this far after collecting a few more parts. the head is still in the machine shop. spoke to a cam guy and once i pull my motor out i'm dropping that off to him and he'll regrind it and supply springs and lifters. yesterday i took off all the plastidip paint which wasn't quite as bad as i was expecting. it was tedious but if its a thick coat it pulls off like a balloon skin. i went in this morning to do the dash and start grinding back the trouble spots but stan turned up a day ea
  7. thats decent money. there was one on the facebook buy sell last night too. complete minus dissy with c4 for 2500. i always manage to eat my words! .
  8. well i dropped the head off at the machine shop today. they dont do porting anymore cos it wasn't profitable for them so he tells me, a bit pants but meh. saved me some dollars anyway. he did tell me the fella they send everyone to but, bleugh. na mate. its a daily, i kind of took that as a sign to not go silly with this one. so hes gonna crack test it, pressure test it to see if the valves are sealing ( if not hes gonna re seat those) skim it, new stem seals. boom! well hopefully not boom but yeah. Tomorrow or fri i'm gonna chase down the cam regrind and see if i can get it all together
  9. ah ok. i get confused with the fairmont/ falcon differences. especially when theres the ltd thing thrown into the mix. i grew up with granadas and cortinas, the mk2 granada is quite like the xe in a few ways.
  10. Ah well mines nasty white plates cos its an XF. i did buy an XE fairmont with some bangin' black plates but apparently you cant transfer plates like a p plate which is a massive shame. and do you mean an ltd? not many of them about anymore
  11. i got in trouble for falconing everywhere when i bought mine, i spose cos they're not considered properly old skool, but now old threads are being dredged up. i love it. got any pics of this one Bronze?
  12. for arguments sake, yeah. you know of one? but, the parts you listed as absent come to 1500 ish bucks on the open market anyway. i know you have one in your shed and i've just committed to the old 250 lol. also took the head off that one in the pic today, its clean. took the cam out, and it was in 2 pieces lol. guess i know why the motor stopped! haha
  13. Na thanks for the offer but I got rid of the one that was on it. And shut if you can find a complete clevo for under 500 bucks ill take it! Everyone i asked over a 6 week period just shrugged and said they don't have much of that stuff anymore.
  14. still not much about, but tbh i htought the windsors were worth more coin, not really sure. i'm kinda comitted to the 4.1 idea now though.
  15. Tell me about it. Theyre crazy money for some reason .We'll I've not even been able to find 1 for sale through word of mouth. So I'm left with the trademe options. There's the fella from southland that wants 980 bucks for 2 heads that literally look like they've been stored underwater or the block and heads up north that's had a complete blue repaint recently to hide whatever terminal problem popped up when he tried to rebuild it probably. That's 1700. I was chatting to an Aussie fella too on Facebook that bought a 2004 barra turbo car complete, 400 Aussie bucks. He's putting it in his xd sal
  16. Pistureless update! sorry fullas. plans for the engine have changed. i'm still paying out for my cortina parts and really cant justify a V8 in this one. clevos are going for strong money and i cant afford or justify that for a daily at the moment so i'm gonna tweak the 4.1. i've got a replacement flexi plate cos i've stripped a tooth off mine and its a pain in the arse to keep getting out and rotating the engine by hand when it hits that 'sweet spot' and makes that wheeeaaaaa noise when you try and start it haha. i've got a replacement alloy head that i'm going
  17. chur fulla! lol mayte i'd be honored to have OS royalty have a beer on my tailgate, maybe i'll get you to sign it too eh haha. na mate, seriously i'm stoked shes through the wof and since you've said that about the carb (youre the second one) its now a no1 priority i reckon.
  18. Got a wof today, not so exciting but very nervous putting a relatively unknown 30 year old ford straight in for a wof. still. all good. Also, in day to day exciting things happening i won this for the starting bid of $50. (plus post, but we dont talk about that) i had to wait a week for it and was expecting some sharp shooting sniper to have a cheeky tinkle at the last second but nah. all good. she's mine. so this is the proper carb for the XF, a 34 ADM. Mine has a stromberg on it at the moment, from an XD and earlier. its ok, but single barrel and a bit pants really. it also has a
  19. well fuck me sideways if she didn't sail through a wof. seriously. i'm as stoked as i am shocked. he was going to fail it as he can't see the inside front brake pad, he had a wee mirror in there and was poking around for a while but it passed the brake test no worries and the outside one has heaps of meat on it so he passed it, he did tell me to take the wheel off and have a look though for peace of mind, which i will. but man!!! never had one go through without even an advisory lol. there must be something in these aussie fords instead of the pommy ones eh?
  20. http://www.rallywiz.com/images/corsa_b_steering_column.jpg
  21. i dont know if you're still looking for power steering options but in the UK everyone seems to be using Vauxhall Corsa B steering columns ( read: Holden Barina) they have an electric motor attached directly to the shaft and theres nothing needed in the engine bay at all. theres specific kits now to allow them to be bolted straight into escort mk1 and 2's etc and ive seen them fitted to numerous track cars where they dont want an extra pulley and pump sapping power. and to a lamborghini countach which had literally sod all space behind the dash, and they were still able to mount it so it was i
  22. cool. thanks for clearing that up. shame. but thanks.
  23. can i legally transfer a plate from one car to another? like a P Plate? i have a rego on hold from a fairmont i bought which is a really nice 4 letter rego, and on black and silver plates. can i transfer this to my ute as i would a P Plate? both are in my name, the 4 letter rego is on hold and the ute is my daily, and currently rego'd and wof i know the plates and tags thingy thingy yeah yeah, but i am not going down that route. especially now i've posted it on a public forum! haha. it'd just be nice to keep that rego.
  24. na sorry dude, i've got a number of a good fella out this way though, i was up to see him last weekend for my headlights, i'll pm you his number,i dunno if he posts stuff, but he's got about a hundred or so falcons from xa - au . he should have something i'd say. and mine has a crappy stromberg on it. not a nice twin choke. more ponies to be found yet i'd say if i manage to get the proper carb on it.
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