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  1. Post some pics when you get underway, would be good seeing what you come up with.
  2. Well minus the razor wire, broken glass and pack of fierce Rhodesian Ridge-backs! Actually, its just a set of driveway gates to be honest and they wouldn't be that hard to climb. Anyway, I've had this on "my list" for a while now. Some cheap steel from a demolition site became available...nothing inspires me more than cheap...so let get cracking! Sadly, one's not enough. So take two: I like the term "double swingers", as that sounds fun. Anyway, two gates that will be setup on actuators and a remote. gate one is done, ready for paint. Gate two needs another half
  3. Carburetor turned up today...yay!!! Another step closer. But no rush, as I don't really want to finish it, as then I'd have nothing to obsess over.
  4. I'd be lying if I said I haven't :-). If i put my feet on the bumper and push pedals with my hands...oh and look so cool at the same time, it can be done :-).
  5. And after a bit of tinkering, replaced the dud coil... and boom! Hell yeah, so then I employed a human test pilot to act as a crash test dummy So: far more work than anticipated, way more money than I should've...but priceless, watching your kid drive a toy you've made yourself.
  6. And boom! That's it, everything is hooked up...ready to go. Will let paint touch ups cure overnight. Fingers crossed for better weather???? But it should just work??? I'll take a video (when we get better weather) of it going and link it in later.
  7. Righto - expansion chamber time. Start with this:
  8. But God clearly hates gokarts and throws yet another curse my way, the offsets are fucking wrong...balls, arse, cunt, boobies!!!!! Oh well, back into the scrap bin to search for treasure in order to find a solution to fix my last solution:
  9. Sproket time. Nothing is easy, to get the right pitch chain, the sprocket won't fit the axle. So solution:
  10. Everything is looking rough as guts, and well it is. But eventually I'll flap disc it all back to pretty.
  11. I made the fake oil tank in order to house a battery for the coils (I have to externally bypass the magneto). Initially I thought undoing 4 bolts to swap would be fine, but it's a total pain in the arse! Solution:
  12. Heaps of clearance, tried it over and over again to find best position. I found that if kept tight close to steering shaft it has very little movement. The twist wire acts like an old telephone cable (showing my age).
  13. Worked really well, and I'll definitely use it again in the future.
  14. For the wiring I've always wanted to try this technique...so I did;
  15. Got a few more things done. Paint And wiring
  16. Just found this on YouTube Three things stood out to me. 1) its probably New Zealand? 2) it smokes more than he does 3) holly fuck...it's scary fast for a pedal car with a mini quad engine!!! So, looks like it should work if I stick to the plan and just pass on your advice (commit).:-)
  17. Would you recommend one of those reduction gearboxes to overcome this? Top speed isn't really a priority right now
  18. And finally for the "Go" pedal, an adjustable stop to limit travel, and a cable anchor. This should do the trick!
  19. So, I had to grind down one end of a long bicycle cable to a very small size in order to fit the carburetor slide. The other end needs a solution like this: Now if I'm been honest, this is the MK2 model as the first was a soft M8 bolt which fell apart when I started to tighten it. The above is a M10 grade 8 bolt, which hopefully works.
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