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  1. Mucked around with the carbs a bit more, turned up the idle adjustment and started first pop. Idles pretty well. Have ordered a throttle cable from Burton as I don't have a lot of time to make something else work. Does anyone have a bike carb balancing tool I could borrow? Once the cable is hooked up then I can go test driving and tuning. Hoping to use the color tune for most of it.
  2. Thanks but unfortunately I wont be able to attend this one.
  3. Bought and wired in a bike pump. Makes all the right noises and fuels getting to the fuel filter, sitting in the engine bay, so i assume its made its way into the bowls. Cranked it over but it wouldn't fire. Poured a bit of fuel down the carbs and still no dice. Pretty sure I just fouled my plugs. Will look at them another night. What have people use for a throttle cable?
  4. Have sent them a message. Cheers!
  5. On the look out for a carb seal kit and a fuel pump for a cbr600f1 if anyone knows of any for sale.
  6. So I've been driving this around as normal. Failed the latest wof on an exhaust leak and a driveshaft uj. I ended up replacing most of the exhaust with extractors and a copy resonator. Pulled the gearbox, replaced the rear seal, changed the clutch plate and release bearing. Replaced the driveshaft with a spare . With that done I took it up to Napier over New year's. Got a bit warm on the way up,l. On the way home it developed a vacuum leak which I couldn't find. Wouldn't idle and would only run at high revs. Made for some frustrating driving. After a few hours of this it miraculously fixed itself. Still not sure what that was about. With it running so well I decided to do this.. ... Cbr600 carbs. I made up a manifold last year and this weekend thought I'd man up and actually have a go at installing it. Got all my vacuum, water and fuel lines sorted. Drilled mains to 1.3mm and blocked off the air correctors. Took vaccum lines off all four runners that run to a common line and go to the dizzy and brake booster. Running a mechanical fuel pump and currently have the pcv valve venting to the atmosphere, will fix this later. Got it installed this evening, crossed my fingers and turned the key. Once the fuel came through, it started and idled. Immediately fuel starting pissing out of a few places of the carbs, so I turned it off before I could give it some revs. I'm thinking a seal kit through the carbs. My other thought are the float bowls aren't sitting quite horizontal so I'll need to look at adjusting the float, or the other obvious fault could be non regulated fuel pressure. Will take the carbs of this week and see what's what before trying again.
  7. Finished all the mods to the engine bay for the brake booster and the bolt in battery tray. Seam sealed and reprimed. Have done a few more small jobs such as sand blasting and painting the pedal box and battery tray. Just need to get some paint samples now.
  8. Will be unable to attend sorry. Will make the next one though, keen to make the most of the light evenings.
  9. I did keep the cardboard template for awhile for that very reason. Was lush for hooning the smaller city turbo on.
  10. I wanted to get my nephew a toy garage for his birthday as he was starting to play with toy cars. I used to have one as a kid and thought it was the bees knees. Had a look around but everything was plastic. So I decided to make one myself. CAD Strengthened everything so if the little guy wants to jump on it then he can. Final product. I painted on some toilets and an exit sign on the side. It also has another garage door on the back, like the front, for easy exit.
  11. I wasn't too happy on the finish on the first underseal. It came out a bit smooth. Admittedly I thinned the product down to put through the gun. The product was normally used to brush on. I tried a different product and left it a bit thicker to give it that true rough underseal look. Chassis rails and inner gaurds got a thick coating, then I gave the previous areas a quick flick. Came out heaps better this time. Was probably laying it on a bit heavy because I went through 6L's. Ha. I learned my lesson of not wearing a face mask the first time round. That shit sprayed everywhere. Last night I was looking around for something to cover my face. Glasses? not enough coverage. Full saftey shield? Bit tricker in small areas. Stockings and masking tape? Bingo.
  12. Weather looks good for this weekend! I've been on the hunt for a cheap gayzebo but haven't had much luck. Better fix my cooker tonight too. Keen for a convoy.
  13. Finished the brake booster mod in the engine bay. Plenty of room for the side drafts. Will clean up fine with some underseal and another coat of primer in the engine bay.
  14. I scrubbed the underside, etched the bare metal and 2k primed the keyed areas a couple months ago. Managed to underseal 90% of it last night. Once I have finished making the appropriate alterations to the inner guard, I'll spray those and the front chassis. Not much fun with only axle stands for height. Mentally it's a good step towards getting finished. I'll fix up any bare areas later on though.
  15. Did anyone go to this last month? Worth it? Weather looks like it'll clear by Sunday. I'll probably be heading up in the van.
  16. Quick question. I've changed my exhaust on my 1300 escort from standard manifold and one muffler, to 4--2-1 extractors and one slightly smaller muffler (original escort muffler). All the same length standard pipe (1 3/4?) It now has an annoying droning sound, especially at low speed (Road noise probably drowns it out after 60km). Would something like a coby resonator after the axle fix this? I'm not after a performance system, just something a little more discreet. Cheers
  17. Where has the time gone. I finished cleaning the underside, primed it and redid one of the sill areas as I wasn't happy with my initial repair. Have still to underseal the van. Another of the jobs that needed doing before paint was to lower the brake booster for the side drafts clearance. I read and talked to a few people and everyone said to bend the rod and lower 50mm, redrill the holes. I couldn't work out how to lower the bracket without fouling on the inner fender or the area around the fan where the brake line is. I decided I wanted to keep the original holes and mounting points in case it all turns to shit. So instead I modified the booster bracket and made a new bottom section which is 50mm lower but uses the same holes. The other issue was the mounting tabs to the firewall. When the booster is lowered, the top pulls away from the firewall. I fixed this by slicing, bending and welding flat against the firewall. The next step is to push out the inner fender so the booster sits in nicely. Hopefully everything will look factory once it's done.
  18. Failed a WOF last week on a few things. One being a hole in the muffler which isn't worth repairing. Currently system is standard manifold and one muffler. Going to put some 4-2-1 extractors on but unsure on the muffler situation. I have a couple of spare cobys I can use but I'm unsure if one will be enough?
  19. Was good to catch up and see some friendly faces I haven't seen for awhile.
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