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  1. Thanks man.. At this point I don't plan on doing anything house related..
  2. Finally on the 20th the last load of 0-12mm chip arrived, promptly spread it out and flattened it. Did most of it with a ped roller and then ran over any ridges with the 65kg.. I was borrowing the 65 from work and as luck would have it one of the former work colleagues decided he wanted to borrow it right when I was about to use it, he then somehow managed to throw a belt on Friday arvo which I couldn't repair coz weekend.. Thanks. Maybe the house doesn't want me to go and it's throwing up all these last minute shit fights just to fuck me up.. Anyway, I ended up a cube or so short so had to do a run up to waiau in a 3t tipper, I had planned for this as I didn't want to end up with a pile of chip that i had to get rid of, but in hindsight (like, as I write this) it was probably the better option rather than a 3 hour round trip, it was nice to have some time to myself tho. Done and dusted.. Brings me up to the present with 99.9999999% of the house finished. Gutted I don't get to spend some time here without having to work on it..
  3. Then Christmas... Spent two weeks in the new (rental) house and came back on the 10th to finish all the touch ups and drive etc. The wardrobe looked extremely shit as we had done nothing to them from when the house was put down, they also smelled like the old house, spent a few days plastering in and around the existing shelves, should really have taken them out but whatever.. This is semi finished, This is the main "drobe", had a huge crack right through the middle and had cracks in pretty much every corner, came up a lot better than I imagined, with two coats of paint also smells a shit tonne better. Was also time to pull down the last tunnel house, Loaded it half dismantled and took it down the road to mums place... Thanks mum! Got an ex billboard tarp coming up from dunners as the "hd" ones from generic stores only last 18 months then they fall apart.
  4. They looked a bit ragged on the bottom so I got a piece of 20mm pipe and beat it flat to finish the bottom edge, Rectangle.. Nailed it on with the last of the brass nails I had left over from the decks, also used lots of 11fc in case some smart cunt decides they want to take some easy copper.. They look a bit like a medieval helmet.. Also filled in the little bit of fence to the right, as they don't make that picket style anymore I had to trace it and jigsaw it out, no real biggie just time. If we were to say here I'd change that picket fence as it doesn't suit the house, but i'll leave that to the next person.
  5. While all this was happening i was looking at ways to cap the rimu posts, either 3mm Corten or copper, priced up a sheet of copper to fit but was $400 gag*.. Was just about to go Corten when a old water cylinder popped up on Nelson faceplant.. $120 sweet, got my cuz to pick it up and deliver it Some copper origami later and I ended up with two caps
  6. Here's an amazing shot of it half done, Once it cleared up we spread out the second lot, 3rd lot didn't arrive till the 20th of Jan, pretty pissed of at that point.
  7. Raked it out, this is just the base layer, will have a top layer. Eldest was pretty keen to get on the compactor, let her lose on the 65kg while I packed it harder with a 350, also went over what was left of the ap and sand with the 350kg. Just to mix things up a bit mother nature decided to drop 80mm of rain straight after the second 15t was delivered.. Filled up the front of the drive flooding into the neighbours, had previously bought a drain pump for when I did the driveway sump, came in handy for dealing with my new pond.. This is just the clothes line base I had to extend.. Bought another tube from miter 10 and stuck it in the existing one, then cut the bottom of a bucket for some boxing..
  8. With the drain done it meant I could put down the edging for the rest of the drive (which was a cunt in itself thanks to the ap60). Decided to go with amuri lime chip a) because its cheap and b) because everyone always does the same shit, either exposed ag, asphalt or plain concrete. This stuff does pack down fucken hard, plus we also have it in the courtyard. Dug down 100mm and took away 23t of ap60/sand Got the first 15 of 43t delivered, should have really got the truck and trailer (30t) as they kept fucken me round with delivery's which was annoying. Spread the first lot out,
  9. Came up pretty good considering it decided to rain that very afternoon. Has 30mm of fall over 7 meters which doesn't sound like much but it runs good, a small low spot right before the grate but meh, fuck it.
  10. And then for some stupid reason decided to subject myself to digging in ap60 on the first hot day of the season With a shovel and a fucking Mattock, should have just got a digger.. Sigh* Boxed it up, Poured it.
  11. Once I'd done the gate posts I sent about putting a drain in the center of the drive so no council Prick could accuse me of having runoff into the neighbours.. Took a while to find a small cast grate that would take 5 tons but finally got one suitable and plumbed a sump into the existing stormwater. And marked out the drain.
  12. Also while this was going on we had to repair every internal door that our friends the asbestos removal dicks destroyed in 2016 (cunts) this took a surprisingly large amount of time much to my annoyance as we could only do two at a time. Rosie also decided they should be white which shows up every fucking mark on the door. Lots of paint and rebogging went on. Coat, Then recoat... Also patched all the jambs and arcs while we were there, much cuntyness. More coat and recoat Rosie had decided she wanted a gold bathroom door, I persuaded her it had to be the inside only, Got my mate to spray the metallic gold with a $50 fence sprayer, fuck he did a good job. Actual looks pretty cool in the bathroom if I'm honest, but most people won't know till they shut the door.
  13. At the same time I started this I also had to clean up this mess and put a small lawn here, Put down some 100x50 edging and some dirt, kids love dirt.. Rakage.. Ready for seed, suffice to say it grew a lawn.
  14. Put some hinges on the gate, Pins in the post.. And voilĂ .. Painted and put back the original bit of fence that had been hanging around since 2016. This was also the point that I finally took down the security gates that had been there for 5 years, felt very exposed without them. Since the posts are rimu I couldn't leave the tops exposed to water hence the bags.
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