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  1. I am seriously pondering the metal state of the last owner. found a patch of bog covering perfect steel no rust, no dents. Nothing.
  2. Well i still haven't started on the rust. But I did start on the engine bay. One new thermostat and one less ac system(didn't work)
  3. Was not aware of that. Cheers
  4. Anyone got a spot weld cutter or drill bit ?
  5. Hell I might just pull it off and keep it handy in case it is needed
  6. I have a high stop light that does not work. failed a wof for it. Can I just rip said high stop off?
  7. What the hell was toyota up to in tge 80s
  8. As for the never seeing them iv had 3 different people try to buy it so far for more than I paid.
  9. Yeah I'm planing on fixing it properly. Hopefully getting a ac dc tig next week and getting in to it. The 2 front doors are pretty fubar. The rest I can save hopefully . One plus is the solid frame haven't found rust on it yet.
  10. Cheers I'm after both front fenders and both front doors. Last owner was a total hack and welded over rust without cutting it out. I'm in Nelson Or he just slapped 30kg of bog over it
  11. Where abouts are you located?
  12. How are the front doors and front fender? mine are rooted. Check the build page.
  13. Hers some more Rust Might need to get a tetnis shoot after this
  14. Well i went rust hunting today found a fair bit of it. Going to start cutting it out Tuesday. rust
  15. Welcome to the discussion about my hj60 cruiser