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  1. The journey has come to a end, I have sadly sold the car.
  2. Sweet thanks for that, Is It all good to take the keeper springs out of coil overs to get the front lower? And i actually never thought of having a full length roof rack but that actually sounds like a really good idea. Thanks man
  4. And i also finally got the roof rack mounted, good old battering tray hooks did the job, i just hope it dosent fall off haha. Do you guys reckon it looks better with the roof rack or without it?
  5. So after some wiring issues this things back on the road, I haven't actually got around to buying whitewall tires yet, so there only painted on at the moment, and it looks terrible haha, Either way its a sweet car to drive.
  6. So ive been driving this wagon heaps, and its so sweet. Decided i liked the idea of white wall tires so i got some. Thanks to the people who recommended me to get the sta ones, They were such a good price. Also in the process of doing the roof rack too, It should look good.
  8. So in the discussion someone told me i should try whitewall tires on it What does everyone think about it? It needs more lowness first tho haha. (Its just a quick go on Photoshop)
  9. So the indicators dident work at all when i got it, I found that the indicator stalk was broken, I then found that there practically the same as Triumph 2500 ones, so i put one of the triumph ones on, now they work as they should. I also painted the inside of the wheels black, i reckon it looks so much nicer now, Ive been getting heaps of compliments about the color too haha.
  10. If you have any thing to say about it.
  11. If you have any thing to say about it.
  12. After seeing Slacker Sams Hillman Estate, i wanted one so bad. So the other weekend i scored this Hillman of a awesome oldschool member. im super stocked with it. I got a bus ticket to New Plymouth and drove it back to Levin. The car surprisingly drove and handled mint. The cars super tidy, it just has the odd imperfection. The previous owner replaced the carpet, so the interiors practically perfect. Its so nice. At some stage in the cars life it got certified for coilovers, so im happy as about that. . It looks mint as it is But the plans for it are: To wind the coils down more, and to get the leafs reset, for More lowness haha. Get the steel wheels Banded to a decent size and polish up the center caps, still contemplating on what color i should paint the wheels, i was thinking like a creme color. Find the early Hillman Minx grill and bumpers, they look alot sweeter. And probably a roof rack with some beer crates. All in all ill keep the car as mint as possible. Ill be daily driving it and trying to get the kms up super HIggggh haha.
  13. Took her outside today, she now runs/drives/stops. I really need to get this car finished asap.
  14. I have now had the leaf reset to near flat and the car has a 1 inch lowering block. It can go another 2 inch lower at the back but will keep it as it is for now. I still want a half decent ride haha. The front is just on cut springs for now, until the coilovers turn up. The car is just getting a cut and polish then will be fully assembled.
  15. I have finally purchased some new tyres, they are really small which is awesome, Nankang 175/50/13