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  1. Not this one, but I'm in a rural fire team and have used wajax pumps many times. Main issue is that this one has been butchered, and from what I've been told has issues with overheating. To get it running again will be a lot of work, and then it's going to overheat when it I'm thinking of looking for an alternative?
  2. Thinking of ditching the wajax motor, the drive system, and rear end...well pretty much everything from the forks/backbone back. I have some cool ideas to make it more my this space. Does anyone have any suitable donar motors out there for sale? What hp should I be aiming for to be amongst the pack? Is Dromeggedon happening this year? So many questions...sorry. Kj
  3. Scratch built velocity stack. There are easier ways of doing this...but I only had a scrap chunk of aluminum at hand. Yes I know you can buy these for very little money off trademe...but where's the fun in that?
  4. This was an easy project. I drew it on a sheet of plywood, used a protractor to find angles...went to an exhaust shop and the dude looked over his shoulder a couple times and said "you do it, but do it quick before my boss gets back". He only charged me for the steel, and it only took 5 minutes to bend and expand the joins. Next time I go there I'll take him a box of piss for being such a GC. Kj
  5. Yeah...umm, yeah... it's not a Harley, but it certainly makes anyone who uses it smile:D I even hooked up a dyno to power the head light. Kj
  6. Tank now fully attached. Two pairs of tabs front and rear, split so one is welded to frame and the other to the tank. This way I can unbolt the tank if I so choose. Kj
  7. And a waaaaayyyyy over engineered gas cap. But come on, its sexy eh! My OCD kicked in and I even domed the top because it looks better that way. Kj
  8. I'm certainly interested. May have to geek out on the internet and try and find more information. Like you, I was into gopeds a long time ago (nearly 20 years ago for me)...I'm rediscovering how awesome they are. These days I've got a few more tools to do cool stuff with
  9. Had some time on my hands today, so I wasted it on doing something pointless. New tank for velobike: Not bad. Best use for one of those disposable gas use for welding as they only last 5 minutes! Only made that mistake twice
  10. Sounds wild!
  11. Would love to see some pics please. I have some reed valves off another two stroke, when time allows I will have a go at milling something up for this motor.
  12. Here's another one of mine. This is a fast goped...but not as fast as the one in this build thread. In the quick and nasty YouTube clip, I'm only about half throttle as there isn't enough room to flog it. My latest one bogs at low speed, so it's pointless riding that one unless you have more room to hit the higher rpm's. Anyway, thought it would give you an idea?
  13. Just dumping a few of my projects from the last year on here. Most come under the category "pointless yet fun"... A mate I work with (civil engineer, genius who designs bridges) showed me this YouTube clip: I couldn't help myself, so with a little bit of tinkering in the shed...3hrs later I whipped this bad boy up. I left it wrapped in gift wrap with a giant bow on his desk...he was blown away, which made me very happy. Yes, it is impossible to ride. Yes, guaranteed to make a total cock out of yourself, and yes pointless yet fun It got noticed and found its way onto TV3, which was cool. Our next mission is to leave it in public places in the hope some shit bag tries to steel it...we'll be over the road in a pub watching the big fail - should be priceless! Kj
  14. Does about 50kph....maybe more? but it gets there super quick! Its direct drive, no clutch. So once started, you've gotta keep moving. It doesn't like you dumping gas into it from uber low revs, but if you bring it up to a running speed then flog'll pull wheelies!
  15. Yup!