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  1. And a battery box. Cut about 100mm off its overall length, then cut out a hole out for the battery to sit in. I'll wrap fuel line around the sharp edge by cutting a slit on the outside edge. Welded together. Welding has never been a talent of mine, but I own a grinder! Mounted to frame. Its removable so I can get battery out. Kj
  2. In the meantime, I figured just carry on and deal with rear wheel later. Made some cool struts to securely mount fender: Kj
  3. Dude, that would be fantastic! Don't go out of your way, but if you're down this way sometime in the near future (10 minutes out of Cambridge) I'd love to get some expert opinion. Its a cheap wheel, so I do have concerns. I YouTube'd wiring and soldering spokes. That looks like a great idea too.
  4. Oh Christ! Didn't realise the spokes would be under so much stress. My thinking was a wheel designed to be stoped by disc brakes should be strong enough, as rapid deceleration around the hub is equal and opposite to acceleration from a motor? Usually braking produces more torque than accelerating does. But the top end speed and weight of the bike has increased in this case...dam I'm concerned. Has this scenario shown up in previous velobikes? Is it common to rip spokes out of the bicycle rims? Kj
  5. Gave it another nudge today, got a fair bit done. Welded in new rear end View from behind, with new fat rear tyre. Moved jackshaft location and made up a lower mounting bracket to support it all. Starting to take shape now. Kj
  6. As they make omelettes, you've gotta break a few eggs! So, fully committed here goes: Limited time to spend on it, so mocked it up for a rough overview. Looks crappy now, but should all come together at the end.
  7. Not exactly epic progress, but I felt the need to make a bobber style license plate with my race number 52 on it. Then today at a car swap meet in Hamilton I picked up a cool chromed guard for $20...Yeah, I know...he saw me coming, but I really wanted it. Then I picked up a "fat bike" dirt cheap off trademe, with the idea of cutting it up. I want to use the rear end on this velobike and the front end for my next drift trike project. Problem is my kids found it and now I'll feel bad if I cut it up? Hmmm undecided on this one? Anyway, progress is progress...all be it rather slow. Kj
  8. Not this one, but I'm in a rural fire team and have used wajax pumps many times. Main issue is that this one has been butchered, and from what I've been told has issues with overheating. To get it running again will be a lot of work, and then it's going to overheat when it I'm thinking of looking for an alternative?
  9. Thinking of ditching the wajax motor, the drive system, and rear end...well pretty much everything from the forks/backbone back. I have some cool ideas to make it more my this space. Does anyone have any suitable donar motors out there for sale? What hp should I be aiming for to be amongst the pack? Is Dromeggedon happening this year? So many questions...sorry. Kj
  10. Scratch built velocity stack. There are easier ways of doing this...but I only had a scrap chunk of aluminum at hand. Yes I know you can buy these for very little money off trademe...but where's the fun in that?
  11. This was an easy project. I drew it on a sheet of plywood, used a protractor to find angles...went to an exhaust shop and the dude looked over his shoulder a couple times and said "you do it, but do it quick before my boss gets back". He only charged me for the steel, and it only took 5 minutes to bend and expand the joins. Next time I go there I'll take him a box of piss for being such a GC. Kj
  12. Yeah...umm, yeah... it's not a Harley, but it certainly makes anyone who uses it smile:D I even hooked up a dyno to power the head light. Kj
  13. Tank now fully attached. Two pairs of tabs front and rear, split so one is welded to frame and the other to the tank. This way I can unbolt the tank if I so choose. Kj
  14. And a waaaaayyyyy over engineered gas cap. But come on, its sexy eh! My OCD kicked in and I even domed the top because it looks better that way. Kj
  15. I'm certainly interested. May have to geek out on the internet and try and find more information. Like you, I was into gopeds a long time ago (nearly 20 years ago for me)...I'm rediscovering how awesome they are. These days I've got a few more tools to do cool stuff with