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  1. so yea chit chat here and some help on the trunk situation would be wicked haha
  2. Nope nope nope nope. Nope.
  3. Oh man I am so envious of your car. Wish I never sold my fc. Such a great colour.
  4. Nah I will be keeping full mirror tint for as long as possible. Mirror is a style of life. Haha And Jesus I hate those louvered covers. To much bling for me. Not for this car. Maybe if I had a shiny car but probably the last thing on my to do list
  5. Well we made it to beach hop over the weekend. Started with a trip to tauranga to drop off my 1600 which I sold on Thursday at 930pm..... That's what it's going into. We continued on to whangamata. Made it there at 130am in the end. Fell into bed and was up the next day 1st thing to try get this vw running and make sure we didn't have any issues..... well turned out the radiator was just pressuring and spitting fluid everywhere from word go. So an air lock???? Bled the system a couple of times. Nope still and air lock. At this stage Sean (@oftensideways) was over giving me a hand and we decided we needed to put a bleed nipple in the top housing on the engine. Of we went to see gadget from import x. R100 off old school. We used a drill and Tap from him and got a bolt. Which was handy. Turned out I think the engine had no water in it at all. About 4 letters of water later it was fill to the brim and I was brapping around the block no problems at all. Continued to then finish off my upholstery Yay time to drink. Saturday rolled around and I was up at 8am driving the car threw town to get to the car park. Giving it a good strop and letting the thing Rev it's guts. This was fun. No loud v8s around me. Got into the line quite early which was good. Brent at doozi made me a sign board which I put info on and some photos of how the build went. I had a mate A Aron and his wife come for a ride threw the main parade. Was so cool driving it thew. We had heaps of people ducking down to see threw the front window as I drove passed them. I also packed 2 Bags of ice right next to the radiator trying to prevent it over heating. Did a bloody great job that. Just as we got to our park the over flow just started to spit out. From there I set up camp till about 6. I had a consistent flow of people looking at it and talking to me about it It had a heaps of attention which was cool. Best beach hop so far. All in all it was so good. Also here is a top tip to cover your trumpets if it starts to rain like it did on Saturday while I was by the car. Another shot of it for why not Mate Chris runs the security over there and diverted me to let my car call down but doing that I Gave it a foot full and he really liked the sound, and here he is putting a cone up his bum to impersonate me apparently.
  6. So instead of getting my ap5 wagon going for wagon nats i went and did this instead Brought myself a 1968 VW Beetle. so thats a few pictures of it. few things in mind that i want to do like widen the rear wheels about 3 inches and also get a bigger tyre so the speedo isn't 10 mph out so i can get more smiles per mile. find some low back seats are on the list to find along side a few more things buy a scotch bright and get the silly symbol off the side so i can then put my business logo on the side (midnight upholstery) and also fix my bonnet/boot latch (the front compartment/trunk) i have mannaged to yea shut it this morning and now cant open it. massive face palm!!!! as for that il keep you updated and post some more stuff and better photos later today but 1st thing to fix is how to get into the trunk so i can fill it up with gas later duscussion here http://oldschool.co.nz/2011/forum/index.php?/topic/46740-64-valiants-68-vw-beetle/
  7. Cheers man. Can't wait to have it all together. Headlining has come out pretty rad also. so happy with the colour combo I've gone with.
  8. Man I can't help myself but share this here. So over the moon with how well it's come out. Oh beach hop also starts tomorrow and my car looks like this. So excited to get there. Got a fair bit to go but we can do it. EXCITING!!!
  9. Just a little update. Made it into performance car mag Won best conversion at reunion Got best under construction and best euro at auto fest in the weekend. Time to do the last things ready for beach hop.
  10. make chit chat about my wags here hopefully i will have some updates on it sooner than latter
  11. @flyingbrick
  12. ah yeah chit chat and that other sweet yarn kinda stuff goes over here
  13. so i managed to find myself two weeks ago checking my messages from a mate to find him sending me a trade me link of an ap5 safari in wanaka. about 3 phone calls later and yup it was mine. he got it running for me so i wouldnt have to pay moon beams in freight so a week goes buy and on the transporter it goes. few more days and WABAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its now in my garage. along side of my sedan!!! 1st things 1st here are some pictures of it so i think the foot brake doesnt work but the hand brake is very good under the hood is a bit of a mess there is also a bit of bog in the tail gate the spear wheel well had a bit of rust as well and some rust else where and yeah my mum and partner didnt think i would fit them both in the garage. it was a tight fit but they are in there and i cant get to my room or up stairs any more haha my bad thats it for now im sure il find more and il see you on the chit chat side of this latter
  14. funny i have a hot slant 6 just laying around somewhere.... now where did i put that thing with triple carbs on it....... drop spindles would be rad but then i have to go to disk and bigger stud pattern and then il loose my rad standard wheels..... get a wof on it and go from there
  15. Oh so I gave up on selling the wagon. Mate has offered swap jobs on upholstery for rust work and getting my wagon to wof stage. So with out further notice I chucked it on a trailer and sent took it to his place to work on. So the next day he sent me a snap chat of it running quite nice. The plan was to sell it to help out the future me and Beth. But I mentioned to Beth I didn't want to sell it (she knew this already and didn't want me to sell it either and wanted to see it used) this is why I got down on one knee. Any way back on track I said that maybe we could sell her golf and her use my Subaru and she's ment to be getting a work car so hopefully all falls into plan and we get a Wof on it over the next 6 months. She agreed.
  16. Yeah this is bad!!! Got yourself a lovely weekend cruiser that's for sure.
  17. That count down is amazing. Also a great deadline to pull finger.
  18. My God you know how to wagon so much better than my bloody employee. Just don't tell him that. This rocks!
  19. drove this for the very 1st time today. not bad for 22 days ago it was on axle stands and i was cutting the other floor pan out.
  20. Fuck yeah. Video of it going in build thread. /sends you to face book
  21. Here is a link to a video of it on face book https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1708287115864634&id=100000500863297
  22. She's on the ground and goes. Well kinda goes. Not that bad for 22 days including this morning
  23. Have a look now @Seedy Al it might make a bit more sense now. Cheers @maxted she sure is coming long. So happy with it so far.
  24. Oh and this. And geophys bos sorted me out and ida and I thought since the guys next door have a vaper blaster I'd do the nice thing and clean it up for him while I use it Nice before and after. Also some one tells me I've got 1500 axles in the rear of my vw which makes things 25 mm wider either side..... Someone wona clarify this for me. Cheers haha.
  25. No caption needed