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Flash's 66 Mustang


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Driver's side vent window seals were the more knackered of the two, but now that I know what I am doing this one went a lot quicker.

The stainless bits cleaned up nicely, but the plated frames are sporting quite a bit of patina. Cleaned them up as best as I could.

So that's another small job ticked off the list.



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By the look of things the driver's window regulator has had a bit of recent loving. The rear scissor is a repro part and the rollers are fairly fresh.

Gave everything a good clean and some fresh grease and that's one more thing ready to go back on once the doors are painted.





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This morning I cracked into the window track refurbishment.

The Mustang door windows are a frame less design with a stainless steel glass surround fitted to the side glass. The stainless steel trim runs in a window track that is factory fitted with a felt like material to protect the trim.

When the felt fails the exposed metal channel then does nasty things to the window trim as seen in this photo :


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So I proceeded to scrape out the old felt and adhesive using a few chisels. 

What a shitty job it is, but it needs to be spotless so the new stuff will stick properly.

Ended up with this :



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This morning I repeated the same exercise on the vertical window guide for the opposite side. Being the passenger one the felt was less stuffed but still looked well past it.

Not that easy to photograph with my shitty phone, but you get the idea.

I'm looking forward to tackling something different tomorrow.

Ta for looking.



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Thought I'd see what I could do about the nasty scratches in the stainless steel window surround so gave it a tickle with some 240 grit and then moved through with some 600 and 800 grit before a final go with some 1200 grit. Slapped a bit of Autosol about the place and it looks heaps better. There are still signs of the two deepest scratches, but I didn't want to push my luck any further, so I'll live with those. Luckily they are on the inside of the frame so wont be that noticeable.

Luckily the passenger surround is undamaged.




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Still waiting for the weather to dry out so we can paint the doors, so I'm chipping away at multiple small jobs to keep the momentum going.

I've cleaned all the crust off the interior floor pans and chucked some rust converter on to the surface rust . Followed that with a brush coat of epoxy primer. Not the prettiest looking thing, but hopefully it will keep the floors nice and solid for years to come.

I've ordered 4sqm of butyl based sound deadening which should arrive late next week so that should neaten things up considerably.



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In between working on the floors I've started to clean up the front bumper inner.

The bumper and brackets have been replaced with Taiwanese repro parts. From the over spray on the brackets I can tell that the bumper was test fitted before the colour change back in 2010 and the lazy bastards then left the brackets in place. The outer chrome has held up really well, but the inner surface is looking a bit sad.

Got rid of the loose stuff with some 80 grit then chucked some rust converter on the rest and followed that with a coat of epoxy primer this morning.

Before pics:










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The head unit currently plays through a central mounted dashboard speaker. It's not ideal so I figured a set of 6 x 9's in the rear parcel shelf would be the go.

Now it just so happens that I have a set of 3 ways sitting on the shelf, so I dusted them off for a closer look.

The smaller speakers sit well proud of the tops and the covers look like like something you would find in Liberace's boudoir, so they will definitely look out of place in the Mustang.

But fear not as I have a cunning plan.





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So after sussing out the speakers I moseyed on over to the Mustang for a better look at the parcel shelf. 

The cover plate is actually a purchased repro part, but it has been slightly butchered in order to fit modern 3 point rear seat belts as well as dual baby seat anchors that the previous owner Tom fitted for his twin boys. I reckon I can still use it though.

Lifting it out and looking at the metal structure underneath it is an almost unmolested factory panel so I definitely don't want to be cutting that up.

The metal panel has a total of 5 factory cutouts presumably for speakers and the like. The centre hole is perfect for a single 6 x 9 but that helps sweet fanny adams. The holes on either side of the centre hole are a reasonable size so I'm picking I can do something with them.

Started off by making a few cardboard templates, the middle one is modeled on the factory holes and the lower one on the 6 x 9s.



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Next step was to carve up a piece of plywood and chuck a bit of paint on it. Clamped it in place underneath the metal shelf and marked out the fixing positions based on the factory speaker mounting holes already punched into the metal shelf. I can also make use of the holes that were previously used for the baby seat anchors as I no longer need those.



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Took to the particle board shelf with a 10mm drill bit to allow the sounds to leak through. Then slapped a bit more paint about the place.

I've ordered some of that textured kitchen drawer liner stuff as per my sample to cover the panel. Should hide the holes and mounting bolts nicely. Hopefully that will arrive sometime soon.

I'm not going to win any audio awards with this setup but at least it will look pretty subtle and the sound should be an improvement over my existing single dashboard speaker.

Thanks for looking.




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Today I made a start on installing the sound deadening.

I'm using a product called Under Dog, which I haven't used before, but I've got to say I'm really impressed with it. Well priced and appears to be a quality product.

Will definitely trade again.



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The couriers somehow managed to separate the two boxes of sound deadening with the result that one is still sitting in the Brisbane depot, so my installation has stalled half way. No matter I've still got heaps to keep me occupied.

Woke up to another wet and cloudy day so figured I'd crack into something that I could do inside the house. So figured I'd give the carpet underlay some loving

Now when I lifted the Mustang carpet a few weeks back the original factory underlay was looking sad and grubby with lots of pieces falling apart and some sections completely missing. The only piece really worth saving was the rearmost portion that covers the driveshaft tunnel as that one has a rubber backing that has kept it pretty mint.

Yesterday we did a supply trip through to town and I was able to source a new piece of automotive underlay. It's pretty lush stuff but was a bit spendy for what it is, so I figured I'd take a punt at getting away with a linear meter.

So this morning I started off by making some paper templates, then played a bit of Tetris to get everything to fit....... and .... whew, I just made it.

Then some chalky, chalky, cutty, cutty, testy, testy, trimmy, trimmy and it's not looking bad at all.

The weight of the carpet together with the bolting down of the centre console should help it to settle nicely.

Thanks for reading.





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I've been putting this job off for a while but today I thought I'd put on my big boy pants and start stripping the dash out of the Mustang.

There are a few reasons why I want to tackle this.

First reason is that I want to re-fresh the paintwork on the metal portion. There are some bad rub marks caused by the misalignment of the glove box. I've resolved the rubbing by elongating the holes on the hinge which has moved the lid slightly to the left so now its just the paintwork to resolve. Also someone has butchered the metal around the ignition switch for some reason, so I need to fix and repaint that section too. Careless removal of the instrument cluster some time in the past has also damaged the paintwork on the steering column surround. It will be much easier to repaint things with everything dismantled

Reason two is that the interior lights, factory fitted ammeter and fuel gauges are not working so I'm thinking that there might be some wiring issues under the dash.

Reason three is that I want to sort out the sound system wiring as the front kick panel speakers have never worked.

Reason four, the woefully inadequate factory fuse panel is really hard to get to and from a quick glance under the dash there appear to be a whole herd of aftermarket inline fuses that feed the radio,  a/c system and a few other bits and bobs. I'm not a fan of these so am thinking about installing a new blade style fuse panel that I'll rewire all of the non factory items to.

Reason five is that the heater and demister controls are badly seized up so I'd like to give them a birthday at the same time.

Photos of the paint and metalwork issues:





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Managed to get the dash pad off in one piece which was a bonus. 

Turns out its a repro part that I suspect was fitted as part of the 2010 restoration undertaken in the USA. I found a sliver of the original dash bad wedged underneath the new pad.





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