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Flash's 66 Mustang


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Next job on the list is to re-commission the factory fitted air-conditioning.

The previous owner had removed the compressor and its mounting bracket as well as the condenser that normally sits between the front grill and the radiator. 

Just before Christmas I got a short gap and managed to put the compressor back in place. The drive belt was AWOL so I measured up for a new one which I ordered online. The compressor is a newer style rotary job rather than the factory piston style, so someone has given it a birthday somewhere along the line.

Anyhoo, first up was to fit the new belt. Instant fail as its just too short, so I've cocked up somewhere along the line. Measured it again and I get the same measurement so obviously I'm doing something wrong. No matter as what I ordered is a match for the power steering belt, so at least I've now got a spare and I'll order in a longer belt for the a/c.

Thought I'd move on to re-fitting the condenser and this is where it gets interesting.

First thing that I noticed is that the PO has put a pusher electric fan in the spot where the condenser usually sits and even if I sandwich the condenser between the pusher fan and the radiator there is no way that I will have enough space to be able clear the bonnet catch panel.



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  • Flash changed the title to Flash's 66 Mustang

The focus today was on the passenger door. 

I pulled it apart to sort out the stiff window winder and door lock.

First up was the window regulator. There are definite signs that someone has been here before as the rollers are not the factory original ones. Looks like whatever lubricant was slapped about the place  has gone hard and is jamming up the works. This coupled with one of the rollers that has seized on its pin seems to have been the cause of the issue.

I gave everything a damn good bath in some de-greaser and ran some sand paper over the crusty pin. Chucked in a fresh set of rollers while I was about it.

Mechanism is now smooth as silk.





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Next up was the door lock. For some reason the key would not open the door from the outside and the interior pull up knob was stiff as hell.

Pulled the whole door latch out and discovered a badly worn retaining bush that was allowing the return spring to slip past it and jamb up the mechanism.

Luckily I had ordered in a pair with the window rollers, so it was an easy fix. I'll do the driver's side at some stage.

Photo of the new bush in place.

Thanks for looking.



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As previously mentioned there is rust in the bottom front corner of both doors.

Up to now I've resisted the temptation to pick at the scabs as I know it's going to be ugly.

Here are some photos of the passenger door.

Too nasty.


RHS door.jpg

RHS door lower front corner.jpg

RHS door front corner  underside.jpg

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So with the window regulator removed I figured I'd have a peek around the inside of the door to see how that looks.

Had to remove the main glass as well as the quarter window and frame to get a really good look.

You can just see the rust where the inner and outer door skins are sandwiched together.

And check out the factory original finish on the hinge panel. Nice !

Despite this, the rest of the door is really solid so its well worth saving.

While I've got the door pulled apart I may as well bite the bullet and deal with the rust.

Unlike the driver's side this door is pretty well aligned .......for a 60's Mustang, so over the next day or two I'll pull the front fender off and mark the hinge locations before I unbolt the door. Its a bit more work, but well worth the effort.


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Before I pull it apart to tackle the rust I thought I'd get some paint color matched, so took the Mustang for a drive into town this morning to visit my local automotive paint shop and picked up 2 litres of base coat. Hopefully its a good match, but only time will tell.

That chewed up most of my morning so I spent the remaining time playing with the sound system.

Luckily the previous owner threw a good few dollars at a period looking modern head unit that has an aux output and some new kick panel speakers. Whilst I wish it was blue tooth enabled, beggars can't be choosers so I chucked a few dollars at a cheap and cheerful blue tooth USB thingy.

Plugged it all together and although it works like a charm it looks a bit untidy.

So my plan is to setup another ignition fed 12 volt socket that I will hide inside the ashtray together with the USB stick and the aux cable. Should make for a far neater look.

Anyhoo, plan for tomorrow is to pull the passenger door off so I can deal with the rust.

Over and out.




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