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Flash's 66 Mustang


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I'm still steadily plugging away at smoothing out the Mustang door patches.

I invested in a tin of Evercoat ultra lite filler. What an improvement over the usual off the shelf spare's shop stuff. Way easier to sand and a lot less air holes to deal with.

Would happily trade again.


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Pretty happy with the way the passenger door has turned out.

Black check coat on the first round of bog revealed some low spots.

I gave the second round of bog a few days to rest before another check coat and sand, then a quick coat of spray filler to deal with a few small air holes which I left for another few days before sanding.

Finished off with a double coat of 2K primer.

I'm using Raptor epoxy primer which seems to end up with a rippled finish straight off the gun. 

Seems to smooth out fine after a slight tickle with a bit of 800 grit wet sanding though.






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In my last update I was battling to get the filler on the driver's door lower panel sanded evenly. Luckily @tortron stepped in with some much needed advice and a link to a really good "how to" video clip and I was soon back on track.


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Chucked some primer on and then it was time for a quick test fit to check gaps and alignment.

Uncle Google told me that the easiest way to line the doors up is to start off by getting the bottom and back gaps uniform with the fixed rear quarter and rocker panel and then to tweak the front fender to suit.

So off came both front fenders which left the poor old Muzzy looking decidedly bare. Looks like someone has been here before as both splash panels have been replaced with Scott Drake replicas still sporting their labels. Date stamps say 2013 so must have been fitted two owners back. 

The chassis legs and inner panels look nice and solid with signs of the original Nightmist Blue factory paint. 



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According to the Mustang Barrys the door gaps from factory were never that great, but I managed to get them a lot better than they were when I bought the car, so I'm relatively happy with the result.

I refitted the front fender only to discover that the front lower corner was sitting proud. Gave it a little tickle with some 80 grit and it looks heaps better.

In this photo you can clearly see the mismatch in paint colour between the door and the fender. It's only this door that is different so I suspect it was re-painted sometime after the initial repaint back in the USA


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I've done a bit of creative sculpting on the back corner of the driver's door.

Photo's don't really do it justice, but I'm much happier with the overall look.

Just a wee bit more prep work and I'll call that door done and ready for a bit of paint.



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Spent a good few mornings finishing off the outer door panels and getting them ready for full primer. It's the small things that seem to take more time than anticipated.

Today I made a start on the inner panels on both doors as I'll primer these first. Took the opportunity to do a bit of "door archaeology" while I was at it and discovered a few interesting facts.

The passenger door shows signs of the original factory paint under the door handle, so it looks like the lazy bastards just did a tape up job when they did the colour change back in 2010 or thereabouts.

I was also able to track down the factory door assembly stamp located inside the window channel. It reads "4 2 W2" which decodes to 2nd April weekend shift 2. Makes sense as the actual build date on the entire car was 6th April. So my conclusion is that the passenger door is probably the factory original for this vehicle.



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I managed to chuck some colour on the door inners over the weekend and Mrs Flash and I spent yesterday fitting and aligning both doors. Took a few goes to get things as best as we can. The factory gaps were never that good to start with and the fact that the car is fitted with a repro right front fender doesn't help either, but it's good enough for a daily driver.

I've assembled just enough to get the car driveable and it's now it's just a case of waiting for Grant to get a gap to do his magic paint blending tricks.

Few photos of the interim result. 





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I needed to remove the front fender badges and rear quarter panel "fins" so that Grant can do the paint blending. Getting the rear fins off meant pulling out the back seat and rear side panels, so I figured I'd do a bit of archaeology at the same time.

Lifted the carpets to find some pretty solid floor pans apart from someone having done a half arsed "restoration" sometime in the past.

I'll clean things up and give the pans some decent rust protection before final reassembly.





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So being in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment, I decided to tackle a small job that has been on the list for a while.

The Strayan front rego plate was too long to fit into the factory recess in the front valance. So the PO had bent the corners of the plate to fit.

Didn't sit well with my OCD so I built a little spacer out of some aluminium angle that I had lying about.

Before and after pics to show what a sad life I lead.

Front bumper is off until paint has been blended. Not the best photos, but hopefully you get the idea.

Thanks for looking.



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Another lazy old day on the Mustang. The T handle on the auto shifter was preventing me from removing the shifter surround in order to get the front carpet out. Turns out someone had butchered the little grub screw so I ended up having to drill the bugger out. I was able to cut a bigger metric thread and have temporarily fitted a little button head bolt. I'll source a replacement grub screw on my next trip into town.

With the T handle off I was able to unbolt the shifter surround and lift the carpet. Drivers foot well has had the same half arsed treatment and looks crusty as.



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