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Goat's 1977 GL1000 "The black bull"


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On 15/12/2021 at 08:45, Goat said:

Just when I though the mechanical gods were cutting me some slack with the local seals, I went to reassemble the rocker assembly only to find out why this head was in the parts bin. The thread was completely stripped on one of the bolts.


One with a dowel no less. Yay.

Things ground to a halt, as I didn't have any helicoils.

Bike night Tuesdays are great. And the infamous Seedy Al turned up:

With one of these:


Ooosh, M8x1.25 here we come.
A quick helicoil and we were back together

Gaskets on (Its so happy!):

Head on

Timing belts are brand spankers even though they look old. Just got a bit filthy from the trip plus engine disassembly and cleaning.
Believe it or not, I am cleaning it up as I go. The engine was filthy, and the paint has come off in places and the alloy is stained dark. So can never get it looking mint without a spraybomb. Orders of magnitude better than what it was though.

The engine even does a complete 720 degrees without binding. So I must have done something right?

Just need to set the valves then the covers can go back on. Tonights job.

Back like 100 years ago rebuilt my Z1000 I ended up just Helicoiling every thing on the motor I just couldn't trust that old aluminium (It was only 11ish years old then)

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The misery continues.

I finally got it all back together and running. Then it started to run really badly. I.E. not at all on the cylinders on the side i had just done the headgasket on. Oh boy.

I double checked all the cam timing, and that was all good. So must be the carbs (again). So whipped them off for a 2nd stripdown and clean.
I had noticed that the fuel lines had all turned dark brown. Hmm. Rust in the tank? Yep. yay... Better pull the tank out.

What a fucking mission. I got the tank out, and yep, she was rough. Tuel sender shows the condition of the inside of the tank:


I ended up buying some CRC evaporust and soaked the sender in it just to see if it met its miraculous claims.
Yep, I'll be dipped, it sure did. A++


Cool one, nice. I'll get some more and fill the whole tank! Over the course of a couple of weeks I was rotating the tank around letting it do its magic. It was working a charm!

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