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Electric fan thermo switch temperature advice

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I want to convert my D21 to run an electric fan, just because.


I've found a whole bunch of thermo switches that will fit the available hole, but I'm not sure what temperature range I want. It's a bog stock Z24 engine (carb, sohc, low as anything compression). It does do a bit of sitting in traffic and the odd light thrashing etc, like any daily driver.

Everything seems to be available in the right format from 'On 85 - Off 80' through to 'On 105 - Off 100'.


Any advice?  

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I wasn't planning to do it immediately. I just have a hole in the cooling system that needs a bung and I thought I might as well put the correct thingo in the whatsit to save draining coolant later.


It doesn't actually look very hard though, so maybe I will do it soon.

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