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First things first, well thirdly after finding the tool and then finding my way inside.

Dropped it into one of the wife's piping bags with a can of coke to sit for a day or 3.20210225_212239_copy_2244x2244.thumb.jpg.dfd99fe43d57de94a8e4fd0259157cd2.jpg


Will check it after the funeral/family huzzah in a day or two. Still waiting on details.

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Replaced the coke mix this morning. Softening up the rust quite well.

Still haven't found where i left the sheath. In the shed somewhere no doubt. Need to clean up and condition the leather, nothing major but may as well do the lot.

Was hoping to get the wire wheel on the dremel today to start picking the rust chunks off, but miss 1 brought a tummy bug home from daycare which has knocked me out of commission.

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You could try a DIY electrolysis setup or even evaporust to get the rust off if the vinegar isnt enough. Electrolysis is pretty easy and effective, and neither will damage the metal.

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Malt vinegar for a weekend did wonders. Quick rub over with a wire brush and it opens!


Now sitting in the kero bath at work getting all the pins nice and free.20210329_164421.thumb.jpg.f91ba9330d40968ab96bc47967ee38b4.jpg

the corrosion varies from patina stain to semi serious pitting. But progress is progress.

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