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GM Holden based ECU control

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The control unit is based on the VN Holden ecu known as the ' 808 '  see this link for more info 


My ecu has been modified with a NAVRAM and is ready to go, I have the sensors and hardware for the Lada engine 

My major problem is coupling the ecu to a laptop computer, installing software &c ... I have no idea what is up or down when it comes to this tech,  Is there someone in the community with previous experience to guide me ....ta 

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Hey m8 i have a eprom burner etc for rewriting the 808 ecus.

You just need to unclip the eprom from inside the ecu, plug it into the burner, then put it back in the ecu


gnerally you would have been better off with a link or microsquirt

i see you have the live chip tho, from memory you need an older laptop, the software is available on the pcmhacking site, the 808 is pretty slow at feeding info back


do you have the data cable and software from the site?


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For ease of use I definatly recommend a link g4, the 808 is a capeable ecu but difficult to use especially without an electronics/programming background, get hold of Trevor at Holden diagnostics about it he can prob put you on to the right people if you want to persevere with the 808. Personally wouldnt waste my time with an 808 now that a link atom can do all the 808 can and more and really not that expensive. the 808 batch fires the injectors amd basic spark control, the atom has so much more flexibility for tuning and custom tables, my 202 runs an atom paired injectors with falcon waste spark coils and iv been able to run variable boost control and 2 step launch 

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Hello vk327.  I have all the bits necessary for a '808' set up.   I know of a fellow in Wellington area who is a wizard with this set up and another in Bluff, I was hoping to find someone local ...thanks for the contact. ...what part of NZ is Trevor, so as I can contact him ??  ...ta ...robbie 

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@robbie frew you will be best to  talk to  delcowizzid then being its not running a 3.8 or 5.0 , the basics of it will be getting familiar with the tuner pro software with the right bin files and definiton files to run the NVRAM it will need to  be a custom setup bin file to  suit the application you  are wanting to  run, its not an easy  process and wouldnt recommend it for a 1st timer on a custom efi  setup, myself and Trevor have been messing with these for years and still have issues with custom programming them.  the aftermarket options like link  and even megasquirt & speedduino have so much more user friendly interfaces 

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