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  1. I'll throw my two pennies worth in here ... unless you have irrefutable engine dyno #'s, then everything is theory ! Many theories have been tested and been held to be true, what works on one installation may not on another ( this holds true for fuel entry placement and throttle body design &c ) The radius on the trumpet bell mouth is a function of throat diameter ( there is a mathematical formula for this curve, but to be honest, it probably varies with air density &c, so flag it ! ) and should extend right to the backside of the horn ( as in the picture of the Honda B16
  2. Ta, vk327, ...yes I found Trevor in the inter web thingy. will call him today with luck , ... and Delcowizzid did the ecu conversion for me
  3. Hello vk327. I have all the bits necessary for a '808' set up. I know of a fellow in Wellington area who is a wizard with this set up and another in Bluff, I was hoping to find someone local ...thanks for the contact. ...what part of NZ is Trevor, so as I can contact him ?? ...ta ...robbie
  4. Hello MC .... You could see what lobe centerline the cam was ground at ...measure the cam lobes & not the valve gear , peak lift IN / EX I would bet this is 110 deg. from your graph it looks like timing is symmetrical, so a good guess is that the timing will be pretty much the same on either side of overlap ....don't forget to allow for rocker ratio and lash when measuring at the cam and allow .006" valve lift before you measure deg most cams at or under 280 deg are usually pretty much symmetrical when looking at a deg wheel diagram here's my guess 30.70 : 70.30 at TDC ...
  5. The control unit is based on the VN Holden ecu known as the ' 808 ' see this link for more info http://www.pcmhacking.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=7 My ecu has been modified with a NAVRAM and is ready to go, I have the sensors and hardware for the Lada engine My major problem is coupling the ecu to a laptop computer, installing software &c ... I have no idea what is up or down when it comes to this tech, Is there someone in the community with previous experience to guide me ....ta
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